Sunday, June 19, 2011

sunday doomed me

What a nothing-to-do day!!! And yes I am complaining..
I have tons to do.. but I just.. just.. don't freaking feel like doing anything....
How can weekends be soo sooo sooo BORINGGG....
Used to love weekends a lot but lately... I really prefer weekdays where you're pumped up working, squeezing the last bit of brain juice for some new ideas, meeting people (anal and not anal), driving around busy town.. well seems hellish but at least FRUITFUL...

Now I'm home alone. Sitting here watching downloaded CSI Season 6 on my laptop.
No breakfast, no lunch.. not even hungry..
It's only noon but I felt like ten hours just passed.. -___-
So restless and lazy to do my drawings even though the deadlines are catching up.
Hence the reason why I might feel tinyweeny guilt if I leave home for fun now.
Clients' scary faces appearing like nobody's business..
Besides I am so BROKE!!!

Guess I have to start work soon.. or maybe not.
But nobody's home!!!!!!!!!! No one to talk to, no one to make lame jokes with..
and I'm so drowned in the world of boredommm... so so so so bored..
If only I could scream out loud without chasing my neighbours mad..

I need a long holiday despite how I've mentioned earlier that I love weekdays working.. And sshitttt. Wtf I mean??? Boredom just made me crazy that I don't even understand what I want or say or do..
F%%%. I feel so lost.

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