Monday, June 06, 2011

menstrual talking..

As I am groaning in pain at this moment, I am going to ask the very 'old' question..
Why women gets period..

Yeah I know the puberty.. hormonal change thing,
then something bout reproductive system matures..
egg fertilized something then uterus wall implanting.. ovaries..
The cycle.. repeating cycle.. blood.. pads.. tampons..

I once heard a not-so-little girl asking her mommy...
"Why girls get bloody once every month and not boys?"
(okay that's not how she phrased it.. but nevermind)

The answer was sooooo simple that you hate to admit it that..
"Men don't have a uterus, so men don't ever get periods.."

And I almost asked... then why don't men have uterus then??


Jas said...

hahaha....exactly! they dunno what is PAIN if they didnt experience period/labor pains before (although i haven't experienced the latter..hehe)

Michelle said...

hahaha i know!! imagine men and MENstrual pain.. even begin with the same spelling!! =P