Tuesday, June 21, 2011

those below five.

Everywhere I go nowadays, somehow I see baby carriages, kids, babies, and kids.. and more babies and kids. All soooo adorable. Even in facebook, you'll be browsing through your friends' kids, friend's sister's kids, old college friends' kids, ex-colleagues's kids and many more kids..
I can't imagine myself with a kid now even though I have constant questions on when am I getting a boyfriend.. when am I getting married.. old d.. you're suppose to be having 2 kids now.. lalallalala... Oh gawd.

Being in a big family, full of cousins who are a bunch older than you.. it's pretty tough when you're in a "single and available" status. Haha
Having their little kids running around on festive celebrations calling you "Aunty" when you insist on "Jiejie" will do.. Haha... But still, elders insisted must call Aunty. Some generation status thingy to them is very important.

Oh I just love watching them play.
But taking care of them full-time.. phew~ one tough task.

Kids and their "creative" poses nowadays.
Posed naturally when you took your camera out from your bag, waiting for you to snap on them and then eagerly looked on your camera preview and tell you, "Eh not nice, take again.." or "Eh it's me, so cute!"..
.... I'm speechless. But oh so adorable.

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