Monday, June 13, 2011

hot teens date

Youngsters nowadays.
Ok wait, I wonder am I still in the "youngster" category? =P haha

Anyway I was at Tropicana City Mall with Sarah earlier this evening.
With laptops and iPads, working our asses off at Bad Ass Cafe, earphones on our ears as those Hawaiian Aloha songs they were having on, was pretty much demotivating and distracting.
I still love Starbucks but there was a crowd there and takda tempat duduk.
Sarah suggested Bad Ass.. so why not? haha faster wifi and cheaper drinks.

So back to the "story", I was going up the escalator to GF, there was this very young teen couple 2 steps ahead of me. Possible in their very early 20s, or maybe younger. Dude with blings, baggy jeans, and girl with very short skirt.. Bet they were obviously oblivious about their surrounding as they were busy lip-locking from LG to GF. Haha. I was sorta in a hurry and have got no idea to pass them.. but I wasn't as offended as the lady behind me. She was staring and muttered something to herself, shaking her head with this very disapproving look. Haha. I wanted to laugh but oh well, it wasn't nice, right?

We settled at Bad Ass then. Sitting on comfortable armchairs near the entrance, "browsing" out, brain scanning for ideas and there I spotted them again on the escalator up to 1F. And yes they were lip-locking again, snuggling, forming into 1 big piece (haha) and the girl was giving him soft pecks on his cheek repeatedly all the way up... err like a woodpecker? The naiveness of young love where nothing matters but them. How easy.. and sweet.

Back then, I don't remember doing things like this. Shy shy.
Maybe a peck but not repeatedly pecks. Oh well I can't recall actually.
Been ages since I last dated.
When I mention AGES, i really MEANT "AGES".. like really long...
Not very hard to believe I think.

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