Saturday, June 11, 2011

when retreat comes with good food..

A very short retreat off the busy city today.
We were celebrating earlier Daddy's Day dinner here.
And here I meant is by the Morib Beach, Banting.
A very nice peaceful place, I must say.

And that's where we're having our dinner.
1 table per hut. Nice. Privacy.
And later on, mosquitoes. =(

Okay. We're here.. to be exact. Golden Sea Restaurant.
Food came fast. Cheap. Better than Teluk Gong or Port Klang, in fact...
Teluk Gong is toooo commercialized to my liking.
Here we can still have a bit of the "kampung" feel for seafood.

As you can see from the pictures what our main courses are...
Additional another extra dishes of vegetables and fried yam..
Guess how much our dinner was?? About 7 dishes with rice for each 6 of us..
- -
Only RM 168.. Affordable right?? .

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