Friday, June 10, 2011

a streak of laziness..

Eh... somehow I'm speechless tonight, err more like the whole day today..
Not just speechless but action-less, talk-less, brain-less maybe.
Maybe in another "simpler" word, i'm just bloody plain lazy today.
Drowning myself in this particular, 张雨生's song - 我期待
Poor guy... some really bad accident caused his death in his 30s..
Very talented guy.. or so I've heard from the elders... Hmm..

I'm still feeling lazy..

Oh I went pasar malam earlier tonite..
Siblings bought some putu bamboo and kuih pelita.
Very good business for this little dad-son-daughter stall..

Sigh. I'm still feeling lazy.
Even lazy to sleep. Damn.

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