Sunday, June 05, 2011


I'm sorry that i couldn't bring myself to look into your eyes and "giggly" expressing my "compliments" like, "Wow... nice Prada you're holding... Ohh matched your Jimmy Choos and certainly brings out the colors of your eyes... wow wow wow... aww which I have all your qualities... you're one lucky woman..."

Oh gawd. Foot in my mouth.
I am never good in giving fake compliments or just gloat n bloat n float you up like a blardee oversized hot air balloon. Get a life. A REAL life, I mean.
Don't go expecting me to go va-va-vroom over your new branded bags la.. this la that la...
I mean when I throw you compliments, I am sincere.. I won't just "compliment" you simply making you happy in your way to sign contracts with me, or giving me great credits or whatsoever that you think you're great at..

I really don't know how to "polish shoe" lar.. and somehow lack of interest to take up that course.
Forgive me pls, your royal highness.

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