Wednesday, June 08, 2011

one Tuesday morning

Had a peaceful sleep.. maybe a few 'self-defined' nice dreams too..
Waking up slowly to the soft snoozing alarm from the past hour..

Picked up my phone to give the man a last reminder bout the appointment later at 11am, where he obviously needed the double reminder because he literally 'forgot' bout it and propose a tomorrow date instead.

Texted Big. And off escaped the fierce roar of the tiger.
Must be morning sickness or the pain start from M.
The roar vanished my earlier dreams away.
Sigh how dreams can be that smack in the face sometimes..
Smacked right back to reality.

A bad bad morning..
One bad Tuesday morning.

Oh fuck. Can one find me a voluntary electrician for the day?
Perhaps a loan for just 2 hours?

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