Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stress is simply a fact of nature.

At some times when some people expect too much from you, you asked yourself...
what will you do.. or should i rephrase that to.. what CAN you do or.. what SHOULD you do?
It's really getting very tiring when out-of-nowhere one throws an entire load, size of Russia on your shoulders; stepping a little on it.. causing some mini earthquakes and perhaps some crazy tsunami.. then.. sigh I'm out of words to describe.. Mana itu brakes??

Sometimes I find it amazing that (haha) in some way some "internal factors" can have their ways to determine my body's ability to react to all these hilarious loca external stress-inducing factors. As for now, I too find it impossible to tell you that I'm not "brain-dead" because... I AM BRAIN DEAD now.

Thinking ahead of all the workloads jamming up in front of me, foresee all the unseen-able unpredictable un-nice (if there's such word) of unnecessary problems and depressing consequences. I too hope that I won't be stuck in between as a victim of their "circumstances". All those boring old shouldn't-have-happen-kind-of sequence of actions or bad events expressed in a seriously unfriendly way should be grimly avoided.

Okay. I am a bit negative today.
OKAY. I admit I'm VERY pessimistic today, taking the gloomiest possible view.
But well, whatever my fortune may be, I hope I am still a happy lot in the end of the day.
*fingers crossed*

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