Friday, June 17, 2011

my trust to you ended up a fraud

To be extremely frank, it's so offending when your love ones don't trust you because you're to be the one voicing negative remarks which are mostly true. You find it hurtful and discouraging because you are like that!! You do not encourage yourself. You just let it by one day after the another, then to your expertise you act like nothing happen. Truth hurts!! You just have to deal with it if you're not trying to improvise from it. Why do I tell you the fugly truth? Because I do not want you to face the evil world with your stupidity. If you can't take it from me, how can you take it from the outside world? At the end of the day, I'm not the one who will be in your shoes to absorb those unnecessary humiliation that you finger-crossed it will never happen BUT if you continuously ignoring the facts that are smacked right in your face now, then eat your own shoe.

The more it reflects in my mind, the more I saw red. Keeping secrets from me simply because you do not want me to know, so that I do not pass you REAL hurtful two cents that somehow will hurt your ass dignity. Please.

Hate it when you give me some lame-ass excuse to re-wind the statement you just said, thinking I'm some dumbass fucking kid that thinks rooster lay eggs. When you do not want anyone to know about your tiny little fucking secret then you should just keep it to yourself. Don't pass an invitation then to be advised by others then you come running to me trying your best to re-phrase your previous invitation and act all crazily innocent.

I do not need such drama especially when I'm so close to you.
I think of dear to you but you treat me lower than the dust under your doormat.
What the fuck am I to you?

Now that things are so obviously clear, don't expect me to tell you anything anymore.

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