Sunday, February 11, 2007

Fei Ling's Unplugged

OOhh.. raining heavily now. Will doze off after this blog.. and continue again when I wake up like in 6 hours time to help my mom with cny cookies. Ugh~~

Just came back from another yum-cha session at Station 1 (this time at Bukit Tinggi, Klang.. All station 1s are like becoming our second home.. hehe) with Allan, Yvonne, HuayPin, Cwee, ChenYap and Feiling.

Tonight was slightly different though. Feiling was there to sing tonight. Nothing serious I guess.. just to kill time or some experience or something.. hehehe.. Hence, we went for moral support.. hehehhe... n to lepak at the same time also lar.. Hmm... have always been impressed with her singing vocals.. her voice just practically transformed whenever she held the "mike" at ktv. *serious*

Real way good today. Err.. duh.. feel la proud sikit your friend upstage singing, impressing the crowd, right?? But as usual la.. malaysian crowd is memang a bit kayu 1 lar... *frowns*

So, snapped a few pics to blog today.. hehe

the petite sweet-looking a-bit-blur girlfriend of mine upstage.. a start of new career??? hehe

The rose, Yvonne bought for her as a token of "gambateh" or supportive action for her first-night live unplugged singing today.

Late nights, especially at Station 1, a cup of hot WuLong tea always work super-fine for me. Really in need of something hot & non sweet today.. 'cos AV lor. Sigh...

Can't help but to get some 'different' camera angle pics again.
*giggles like a dumbass*

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