Monday, February 12, 2007

design4 site visit

fuuuuuuhhh.... tired-nya aku~~~~~~
So me, Daryle and Tung went to 3 sites today.
Basically is our main design site at the Asian Heritage Row at Kg Baru, KL. Then we were like so lucky and easily found 2 museums listed by Baizura last Thursday. Another 1 or 2 more sites we might be going again some-time this week. Well, nevertheless, we took a lot a lot a lot of pictures.. at least I think I did. Hehe.. (some funny angles again for sure.. *giggles*)

- The Islamic Art Museum, KL
- Seksan Gallery cum his work-studio, Bangsar

Two totally different feel, different exhibits.. different storyline.. different approach..
Like both the same eventhough both were like really really the opposite.

Seksan much more a relaxed, casual, paintings, abstract gallery...
IAM kinda.. formal, spooky.. (biasa-lar for old artifacts exhibits) cold, eerie.. at the same time.. informative too.. (obviously)


Okay. Can't crap much or upload the pics today. Gotta start reading my Tech notes. Quiz tomorrow.. DIe Die DIE... I really pening with the HVAC and Electrical notes.


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