Sunday, February 11, 2007

aimless day..

One fine day with no aim.. no hope.. no mood.. no nothing..
Just another damn day that passed without any feelings, any sulking, any anything..

While cleaning all the junk out from the utility room, my mom found this art piece of mine pinned up on the wall behind the storage unit. This art piece of watercolour, a draft copy for my SPM art exam all the way back to 2002. Unexpectedly, I found it back. I totally forgotten bout it. The chosen title was some sort like.. err.. a old broken hut with snakes or sumthing.. "Pondok Usang.. Ular.. Menakutkan"... hahha that's all I can remember... Well, just snap a pic of it to post it up here.. =P

This artpiece scored me an A for SPM. *giddyly proud*

Bought this skirt. Mom loved it.
I think it's kinda long. She say it was nice.
I am short. She say wear heels.
I say I've got no top to match. She say got.
I say I look like humpty dumpty. She say I'm over-reacting
I say wasting money. She say it's HER money.

oh ok. fine then. *rolls eyes*


Damn. Tomorrow. Site visit. NO no.. Site VISITS!!!
To Jalan Kamunting where my final design project site location is, and like another 4-5 museums and galleries for researches and explorations. The "GOOD" news is that.. NONE of us know where the hell are the other museums gonna be. Tomorrow will be the day where we will be dumb-asses tourists with maps up our nostrils.

WOoooooo!!~~ Way to go, Visit Malaysia Year!!!!

oh.. did I mention?? Tuesday = Tech Quiz. Fiiiikkkk!!!~

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