Tuesday, February 13, 2007

minor leads to candid pics

Tech Quiz over!!!! finally one "stress" off my shoulders.

So was totally relaxed and relieved too ... while attending today's minor lecture..
Before class, we lepak a bit in class before changing the class venue.

Anyway.. mostly on snapping Izwan@Curb's pictures. ahhaha.. Cute ass lar he. Totally gold. Adorable. *some was he asked for it* LOL~

Was tired like hell after minor class and it ended late like around 6.30pm. And what does that means?? JAM like SI LANG KUI larrrrrr.... took me like almost 1 hour 45 mins to reach KLANG.. but Kesas lagi. UGHHHhh~~~ Snap this cloud pic outta nowhere and boredom while waiting in the car with no bloody nice songs to drown in.

Tomorrow Valentine's Day. Choon Wee came out with a surprising idea. Hope it will work though. Hahaha..

My mom was like so hilarous. She ajak me go shopping tomorrow night, I can't.. 'cos already made plans with the singles' club. Then suddenly she was like saying.. she heard from some professor or some therapist or someone who knows what they're doing lar... that.. "Valentine's day is the night where most girls will lose their virginity.. of all the romantic moments, flowers, chocolates, hugs & cuddles will lead to some heavy hot steamy make-out session and THAT will lead to some baby-making-in-process..."

I was stoned. Then I laughed my ass out.

Anyway friends....

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