Friday, February 23, 2007

where romeo meets juliet

At times when u think u hav the time of the world to finally settle down with your own thinking and own works..

but who knows..

A blaring horn was stucked to the back of ur ears... just keep causing noise pollution turning me to a deaf girl till the batteries ran out.

Thank goodness.. caught this song (below) on mtv.. and it blardee soothed me off and stopped me from transforming into a loud crazy bombing-firecrackers in return..

well.. at least for the time being..

romantic song.. hot guy with great vocals... beautiful girl with sultry voice..
Gary Cao Ge & Zuo Wen Xuan - Liang San Bo & Juliet

my latest fave. well, got the ktv version here.. so u guys can see the lyrics for urself.. =P

ps: cny very happy meh?? can see daryle smirking.. gary opposed to yes.. johnny went missing.. layfong cleaning mahsuri's grave.. my far far relative got burried 8 ft underground... others i really got no idea where the hell are they...
me?? 24/7 personal slave.. and can i like choose to be cinderella where at least i can meet my prince charming in the end???

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