Sunday, February 04, 2007

another model??? again??!?!

I'm so plain lazy and so PLAIN out of ideas for design project 2.
Sitting here for hours, trying to do some research on my concept and approach.. "the optical illusion 'cum lighting 'cum maze in a shoe-box model"

Sketch.. and draw.. and color.. and explore.. till my ass mock-up model fell apart.. shit!!! No idea now.. thinking of this.. suddenly thinking of minor la.. vampires la.. then my mind shifted to tadao ando's church for build science.. then later.. to tech class.. then to shopping.. movies.. and the thought of tomorrow's tutorial is KILLING me.

ArghhhH!!!!~~ *can I faint for one day and to wake up on Tuesday???*

The damn crit is on this Thursday and I've got nothing yet except some 'cakar ayam' sketches and tons of different crazy bizarre ideas for the-making.. but mostly are still quite not 'core' yet and NOT that convincing even to myself.. it's like hanging mid-air.. floating.. like a bloody helium balloon.. float float float and stuck at the ceiling..

3 presentation board for sketching, idea development, concept and visuals of our model.
Holy shit.
3 more days till the crit. How to do so so so many work in such a short time when the whole 3 days are occupied with 9am-5pm classes????? and assignments??? and CNY is like around the corner.. and my mom is driving me BUSY everyday with new clothes, shopping, groceries, deco, new curtains, new plates, new this.. new that...

I'm so desperate for some peace and quiet to do my OWN things... so that I can concentrate and THINK!!!!

lagi worse, the more i feel i'm stuck in this crappy stress... and my stupid friend, just forward me this through mail and buffawed like hell... *rolled eyes*

nonsense.. crap.. so not funny.. stupid.. cacat.. hellish..
ugly looking nipples.
looks like got 2 huge hideous zits on his butt-cheeks.

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