Wednesday, April 30, 2008

money grow wings

I dint sleep at all last night.. or should I say this morning??
Was rushing my final presentation boards in order to get it all printed today..
well, 'cos tomorrow's a Labour Day.. all printing shops are closed..
and I gotta start making my model tonight, hoping can get it all done by tomorrow night..
Sheeshh tired. Exhausted.

Been some time since I last gave up my whole sleeping hours for work..
Latest I slept lately was like 5am... but today.. sigh..
Worked my ass till I finally get everything composed in by 6.30am.
Was kinda thrilled that I completed the boards, *relieves*
I eventually went pasar pagi with my parents and had a vegan breakfast.

-_- ZZzzzz~~~

Yada yada yada.. yes i'm freaking drained out.
Who say architecture field is easy? Shucks~
Hitting the bed. Like NOW.

OHHHhhh... and... 6 A1 size presentation boards. (above)
Laminated and mounted cost me 50 bucks each.
300 bucks altogether.

*heart pains*

I can like buy 200 Ikea currypuffs d.
And worst, I don't even eat 200 currypuffs in a year.


Study is bloody expensive.
And this is not the FIRST time.


Monday, April 28, 2008

when will this all be over??!?!?!

I want to fly highhhhhh...
I want to be freeeeeeeeeeeee...
I just want to get away from all these stress and work.......

Fark lar

Doing work with no proper guidance and instructions,
it's like wearing a skimpy thin dress, walking towards a fiery hot oven lar..
Prepare to kena shoot during the crit only lar.

Nabeh. SO frus. SO jailed up.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

i need a looong break

A whole day of facing in front of my Ms. Lappy today..
That's what i did... yea.. the whole freaking day sitting here..
drawing & drawing.. clicking & clicking... sighing & sighing.. none stop.
Sections for my final presentation.. which is not rendered yet.. *curses*

Shit man... it's like 3.21am d.
Aiks~ Off to bed dy..
Still a lot of shit to do tomorrow and the day after and the day after...
Damnnit.. it's like not ending fast.. *&#^$(*&^&@%!#&
Somehow I'm dreading for like more days before my finals on May 2nd & 4th..
but somehow I desperately hoped that it will end asap so I can like at least ENJOY LIFE!!!!
I'm turning into like an Aunty Zombie lately.. Screw..


Will upload my 3ds after finals.
Night peeps.



Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Less is More" or "More is Less"?

Ok.. another round of interior design "mess".

This is the Ghost House.
Designed by Japanese architecture firm "Datar".

It's all about minimalism.
Well, instead of creating a traditional Japanese house...
they chose to exaggerate the building’s ghostly silhouette,
hmmm.. presenting a mute character. Scale less from the outside.
The house has three levels with a complex set of ramps & steps.
Eh... don't play play ok..
The house was Commended at the 2007 AR Awards For Emerging Architecture lehhh...


A Book Walk?
So surreal right??? and damn damn colourful.

Feel like an ant? *grins*
Check out Cardiff in the UK or the Kansas City Library. Both have the same idea.
but Cardiff’s facade is temporary until the library is remodeled.
The concept is a facade of giant big big books....
hmmm I din see my favorite books lining up there.. hahah encyclopedias..
Anyway, it does creates an extremely surreal experience for anyone passing by.
Nice right??? You don't see this often. Look at our libraries... Shheeeshhh~~

Alrites alrites... So what's your pick???

p/s: Pictures adapted from
p/p/s: 1 hour d.. my stupid 3d still rendering. Damn.


Monday, April 21, 2008

am i taking emo pills??

Very very moody. Grumpy grumpy.
No idea what mood swing is this... swing all the way to the opposite side.

I'm on pills lately. No.. not THAT pill.
Went to see my dietitian last week.
She gave me some pills for my gastric, vitamins and digestion shits..
Only remembered to start taking it yesterday.
Once she told me these pills might affect my emotions and feelings..
but so far.. nothing.. been taking on and off since last year. No problem at all.

Don't know why today was horrible..... totally no mood.
All the negativity attitudes shooting all over me. No idea.. no idea.
Suddenly moody, suddenly feel so hard to breathe like super damn stressed up..
suddenly drowsy, feeling nausea slightly..
I thought it was my period.. but i seldom have mood swings..
And my period was wayyyy over..

Hmmm.... if my guess is wrong on the pills..
then why like that? *wonders*
or maybe I'm really quite stressed up lately.
Too many in my head. Damn.
No.. i'm not EMO.. just feeling very fed up kind.

That's why I hate perfection. Get it?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

the "forbidden" two

The movie was okay yesterday.
Went JuscoBukitTinggi n watched The Forbidden Kingdom.
Yeah.. as mentioned.. with Alan & HuayPin.

The movie was kinda rubbish actually if it weren't for the 2 star heroes in it..
Not exactly total trash but just u need to know the history n background of each of the main characters.. if not u don't quite get it anyway..
Check out their main movie website. Cool yeh..

Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Greatttt...
A sudden twist of English and Mandarin.. then this n that... blah blahhhh
etc etc that don't quite make sense..
But to me.. I still can kinda like it.. the movie angles...
'cos I like "costume" movies.. props, legendary stuff..... *grins*
And i like that Golden Sparrow girl.. Crystal Liu.. Very very gorgeous Asian girl.
Watched her in the "Return of Condor Heroes".. very very goodddd...

Ok back to Forbidden Kingdom... Ending was quite expected actually..
hmm.. worth a watch for the 2 great kungfu heroes.
Love them both... Jackie more to the tough kind of fighting skills...
Jet Li made those moves looked so effortlessly... both so YENG... yet so wrinkled.. hahaha
Still remember those times when I watched Jet Li's Once upon a time in China.. hehhee


Well.. not crapping much though today.
Been sleeping the whole day. Headache.
Not feeling well. Very not well to be exact.
Heading of to bed again. Cya~

Oh... I went Starbucks again yesterday.
Had Ice Chocolate Grande. Yum.
I forgotten bout SuChing's recommendation.
Next time girl. *winks*

Friday, April 18, 2008

do you know what it feels like?

I was kinda emo, upset n so bloody stressed up last few days.
Was like totally boned out yesterday.
Rushing for this deadline that made me sleep at 5am this morning. Argh.
Sleeping this "early" doesn't mean I wake up late okay.. *frowns*

Life of an interior designer..
peak hours of over-stressed + devastation then celebrations of good freelance pay. +tee-hee hee* and i did stress on freelance right?? *grins*
Full-time job = good pay?
Not really... but obviously full time job got its advantages + priorities.
But u wait.. u slowly wait.. good pay means endless hours of OT and hunger.
That's why I got no boyfriend. No "other" love other than friends & family love.

(that's what my *unnamed* friend always commented on my "love-life". Damn her. Grrr.. Every time out of nowhere.. she'll popped out one stupid question = Still single ar?? then burst into giggles.. continued with "you're not getting any younger you know, nun-head!")

Sheeshhhh... Forget that.

Anyway, I just got 40% of my freelance pay.. enough to make me fly sky high... for tonight lar..
Now gotta rush and pay 101% on my finals which I did it here n there d.
Just can't wait for this month to be over and done with.. Finals on May 4th.
and start a brand new breath of fresh air by May 2nd week.

Had one of my favorite Starbucks Mocha Ice just now and High Hill Jusco..
then met up with Huay-Pin at D'Bamboo for hot lemon tea..
Now back home posting this post up.. lol..
and simply means i'm declaring my own holiday tonight..
oh well.. yeah.. despite the hectic deadlines soon.
I need a break if not I WILL BREAK.

Meeting Huay-Pin again with Alan tomorrow for a movie.
Just for a movie then gonna start my hardcore busy hours again preparing for finals.
Seriously damn hardcore lately.. locked myself at home, facing this bloody lappie 24/7..
Since PC Fair last weekend.. I never step out of my house for entertainment purposes.
Just go fetch my siblings to and from school.
SOooooooooooooooooooo NOOOO LIFE!!!!!!


Alright.. enough of all the random babbling..
I'm quite fond of this song..
Enrique Iglesias - Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song)

I like the chorus part.. hehehe
Do you know what it feels like loving someone that’s in a rush to throw you away?
Do you know, do you know, do you know, do ya?
Do you know what it feels like to be the last one to know the lock on the door has changed?

BUT I HATE THE VIDEO laaaaaaa...
Keep interrupting the song with some lame ass director blah blahhh blahhhh..

Ok.. gonna drown myself in this song..
though at first I thought the pingpong sound behind is quite annoying..
but getting used to it.. and love the chorus.... yaaaa i know I just said that.
*rolled eyes*
Can't help it lar!!! I like mahhh..
And this Enrique.. duno to say he hamsap or lucky or watt..
everytime also sibeh sexy model or actress kena molest sayang by him in his vids 1... Lucky piece of meat.

Fine fine.. i go drown in this song..
Y'all go do your work.



Tuesday, April 15, 2008

claim your pick

What would it be?
How will it become?
Which makes you feel?
Why not so?
Who shall be?



or colours?...

You tell me.
Do you please.

-visuals by archiffect.deviant-


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Two first in One day,

Went to PC Fair today with si YvonneTheHelmet.
My first time at the PC Fair. All my life, I never been to any PC Fair.
Ya.. i know.. damn bukit right??

Anyway, this time was in KLCC Convention Hall.. so it's nearer and better. Can shop.
Not such a good nor bad experience except that it was so damn crowded...
Like really crowded.. and kept muttering why people bring kids there..
Kids like really kids running around.. squealing... crying.. mommy-ing...
knocking knees and slamming into stranger's crotchesboxes etc.
So many people carrying big boxes of printers, monitors, laptops etc etc..
and yet still have to look out for movable barriers.. Shit man.

I went 'cos I need to get a new camera, printer n dad's fax... and some little things..
and also to experience.. and also to teman Si Helmet.

Walked and walked.. squeezeddd... crammeddd..
Seriously you can see all kinds of pc stuff u need... u-name-it-u-get-it kind...
AND you also will get ALL KINDS OF SMELL!!!!!! Gross mannn...

Ok ok.. back to what I bought..
I bought Canon's PIXMA MX308 for RM 468. All-in-ONE. Fax+Scan+Copy+Print.
Free aunty-pasar-malam-trolley-to-push-around.. and some canvas bag.
I bought SanDisk thumbdrive 4 gig for RM 48.
I bought a cute pink Sensonic mouse for RM 18.

YvonneHelmet got her Samsung 19" flat screen monitor. RM 615
3 new sets of speakers. 100 CDRs. The same pink mouse.

Was so susah dragging a big printer in the midst of millions and smelly armpits..
I helped YvonneHelmet with her monitors and stuff..
She tolong me by dragging my trolley.. So tough chick. Lurrrveee it. *grins*
One thing. The stuff we bought ARE all HEAVYYYY okayyy... *grunts*

First and last time to a PC Fair.
Not much difference of price actually.. mayb just cheaper for 30-40 bucks.
I wanted to get Canon Digital Ixus 85 IS but konon belum launched or habis stock.
Not sure la.. so got a bit heart pain and "boh-kam-wan"....

Then we chucked all the things into the car.
Then we eventually went drinking Pepsi and stuffing ourselves with fries.
Too early for dinner too late for lunch. Almost 6pm.
Went window-shopping around.. glancing here and there..
and ended up in MaNGo where I fell in love at first sight...
with a BAG!!!!

Was reluctant to buy at first because of the price.. RM 199.
Then my heart kept popping out, mouth keep cursing myself why not buying it..
Heart willing, but flesh was weak. Sighhh...

Until tat siao YvonneHelmet said,
"You ought to reward yourself sometimes...since you so stress n busy lately.."

Awww shit.... Bloody i agreed with her la OBVIOUSLY..
My "hmm...true-also" brainer started.
Reward in a way, makes me happy..
Like getting something in return from your hard work. Hmmmm....
Reward in another way, some excuse where u can waste ur money on and yet lie to yourself so you feel good bout it.. *rolled eyes*

White was real nice. Pure sweet innocent love I have for her/him/it.
Black was too old.. over-mature..
Beige was kinda erm.. not appetizing for me.. heheheh..
So i settled with white.. and ommigosshh!!!!
Living my life to date, 23 years+, my FIRST time buying a WHITE bag... hehehe.. YvonneHelmet mentioned again with a little-hint-of-sarcasm..
"Better appreciate ur love and learn to take care of it.."

The word "LEARN"... *ouch*


Did my work. Taking a break now.. Soon to sleep.
Munching on not-so-sweet cherries. *grimaces*
Aunt Sylvia brought some fresh cherries (below) over.
Kinda sour though they looked soooo reddd...

Kicking my comforter around settling with my Chocolate Run.
Read 3 chapters d. Love it.
Normally if or when I'm interested with the plot, I'll finish a book a day..
and start all over again the next day.. or the next day. *winks*

Tired. *snores*

Wait. Speaking of sleeping.. I bought this one pillow last night in JuscoBukitTinggi.
Fetch my mom there to pass something to her friend..
And she asked me to get a new pillow.. etc etc..
My current pillow is kinda.. well.. old.. but I LOVE IT. heheh too used to it d.

This new pillow.. RM49.90 for one pillow. Pearl Pillow.
Can't believe so expensive mann... in Jusco Departmental Stores.
Luckily buy 1 free 1... and the salesgirl so nice,
said if buy 1, just pay the half price of RM49.90.
Nice one.. so I bought one eventually.
Mana tau.. went back sleep on it.. SO BLOODY HIGGHHH!!!! SO BONGGOL!!!
How to sleepppp?!?!??!?!

Now it's on the floor, next to my bedside table,
with my nice old pillow proudly on my bed...
HEhehehe.. Ok lar.. Sleep d.

Long day tomorrow. Need to work my ass off.



Friday, April 11, 2008

who needs love when you've got chocolate?

I'm seriously super busy lately...
I'm so so desperate and craving for a good night out.
Been locking myself at home... sleeping at 3am everynight.. total zombie look.
The right look to audition the main part for "The So-Not-Vampire Vampire" movie.
Trying to finish all my stuff and getting everything prepared for finals.
Which in another way, making me freaking stress and pissed...
all because my final design still ain't finalized yet. Thanks to my lecturer
Total full of "numbness". It is just not helping. Not a good sign.

Other things are just on the fine track.
It's all just my final design that really ticked me off.
I couldn't really explain how /why /what /where /which crappy stuff of my final design.
I just want to get it done and over with but WHYYyyyyy ARGH!!!

*shakes head*

totally not a helping hand.. like so not.

stress. stress. stress. *sweats*


Due to that.. or despite that.. or however.. or nevertheless,
I have this habit to read everynight before I sleep.
Lying down on the bed.. staring at the ceiling.. so going to doze off anytime..
but no matter how farking sleepy i am, I still flip a few pages off the nearest book from my bed. Books are like so scattered around my bedroom..
everywhere but not in the book rack
. -_-"

So, to refresh sikit from reading repeatedly from the same books..
I bought this new book like 2 hours ago.
Dorothy Komsoon's The Chocolate Run.

I was kinda debating with myself on to choose this book....
Or another title that caught my attention.. "Gnosteque"
One love story or another killer-serial-prostitute-revenge book.
Then i was thinking... okay.. i need some love. Had enough of "dark" books..

Who knows.. another book caught my attention..
Cecelia Ahern's P.S. I Love You.
Nice book.. best seller.. but hell shit man.... I read the plot and I already felt like crying.. so.. NO.. i tak nak... no no.. don't want to get some book which the couple got no happy ending... No NO..

"Set in Ireland, Holly Kennedy is beautiful, smart and married to the love of her life--a passionate, funny and impetuous Irishman named Gerry. So when Gerry's life is taken by an illness, it takes the life out of Holly.

The only one who can help her is the person who is no longer there. Nobody knows Holly better than Gerry. So it's a good thing he planned ahead. Before he died, Gerry wrote Holly a series of 10 letters that will guide her, not only through her grief but in rediscovering herself.

The messages are Gerry's way of informing Holly life goes on. The messages include various tasks and treats Gerry has left for Holly. This is his way of letting her know he will always be there for her..........."

There's a movie version *CLICK*

Okay.. back to my book... The Chocolate Run..

I still finally decided I just ran off to the cashier to pay.. then only I'll stop standing there debating within myself and discovering more n more interesting books.. I was about to buy another vampire book that I have to slap myself invisibly so hard to stop myself from buying that 3 books series.. ArGH.

" 'I didn't mean to, honest to goodness I didn't. It just happened.'

Amber Salpone doesn't mean to keep ending up in bed with her friend Greg Walterson, but she can't help herself. And every time it 'just happens' their secret affair moves closer to being a real relationship, which is a big problem when he's a womanizer and she's a commitment-phobe......"

At least it's not sad love story where someone dies or killed.. *grins*
Okay. Planning to take a break tonight. Not doing any shit and start reading.. hehehehe

Oh ya..
Did I mention I will buy the whole set of Little Black Dress books when I'm super rich enough?
I love it. So today's world. And it's cheaper. RM 19.90 per book.

I bought Chocolate Run for RM35.90

I'm such a book addict.
Waste money-nya~


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Temperamental Attack

Suddenly I'm tired of everything.

Enough said.


Monday, April 07, 2008

sometimes hor.. i just can't help it..

Sometimes you watch movie for the sake of wanting to know the story...
Sometimes for the sake of criticizing the plot..
Sometimes for the sake of you've already watched the part 1, part 2 etc etc...
Sometimes for the sake of their good movie review, awards etc etc...
Sometimes for the sake of your friends..
Sometimes for the sake of boredom...
Sometimes for the sake of too-free-nothing-to-do-shit...
Sometimes for the sake of the beautiful props or scenery or etc etc..
Sometimes for the sake of the beautiful girls, actress and models...
Sometimes for the sake of the super hot hunks and their kissable lips..

but for me this time.. i want to watch.. *can't wait*

Firstly, I love FannWong's movies.. her versatility in acting.. and her good looks.. *envies*

Secondly, it is so so so so FOR this hot hunk that look bloody sizzling hot in every angle..
and i mean.. EVERY ANGLE!! left right front back up down anywhere la...
yup yup.. Jang Hyuk.. woo woo~~~ *drools*


Say hi, peeps..

ehhehehehe *dissolves into a puddle of giggles*
I over-worked till toooo siaooooo d....
Thousand apologies...

my weekend in a foldable box

Busy busy busy weekend.
None stop staring at my lappy screen..
Working on my freelance and cracking head on my finals.

Better hope only this weekend is THIS busy..
It's like almost 2am now. Monday.
I'm still rendering my last 3d..
while watching Game Plan by The Rock..
(simply one of the best movie that certainly can watch over n over again)
while kay-pohing in other people's blogs..
while lying down on the couch, stretching my legs..
and while rummaging through this website. *CLICK*

*big grin*

What?? Keeps me awake wat... *shrugs*

This year's CLEO 50 Most Eligible Bachelor..
I'm not really keen into it la.. (I was ,back in high school, squealing with my girls n all..)
but not idea why.. sigh..
Now, 'cos really nothing to do except wait for my render to complete..

Got the site from
So just clicking through it.. like to read how the guys answered to the questions asked..
some corny.. some a bit dodgy.. some memang flirt.. some was okayy.. heheh
Saw a few eligible ones.. and some not that eligible.. ahhaha..
to my personal cup of tea.. lol

*tummy growls*

I think I need food.


Thursday, April 03, 2008

nothing kills sudden crave

Ya ya... speaking of not wanting to be "too big" in several "places"...
and buying that treadmill that has not arrive yet...

Due to stress and moody that night.. not recalling when.. simply 'cos I couldn't..
Few days back, I think. *grins*
Suffering from short-term-memory syndrome lately..

Yvonne was coming my house for a sleepover.
I was hungry.. Very light dinner..
She reached almost 10pm.. i think... we then hit the road for supper..
Mamak? boring... Cafe? sien.. too noisy some..

"Ok lar!! We go KFC.." says me.
"I was thinking of that too... *grins*" says her.

Just 3 mins from my house..
we entered this KFC outlet.. yet banyak orang makan fast food so late at night..
I mean this is the first time of my life having fast food this late..
and if my mom knew bout this, she'll probably skin me alive..

We shared a dinner plate (3 pcs) and a large cheesy wedges.
After this, we worked out asses off on our work projects and my finals till late 3am.
Burning gallons of midnight oil.



Been kinda busy lately.. so might be a bit slow in updating my blog.
*thousands apologies*

If you care.


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

another 6 hours in Mid Valley

I'm in Starbucks, Mid Valley again.
It's bloody hot here.. Their compressor is down.
I think I'm gonna switch place to D'lish.

Cannot tahan.. the feeling is like sitting in a semi-hot oven..
or like dipping my skin into hot spicy chilli sauce..


Oooohh.. I'm in D'lish now..
So nice feeling.. brighter and cooler and lagi comfy here..
Ok. Start doing work.


Tonight gonna paddington myself with Yvonne, Pin, JunWei and Alan.

We had dinner at CoDo, Mid Valley (opposite Studio R) instead. Vietnamese food.
Din't really snap anything.. Was so jammed up, damn hungry n tired..
So... just these few.. (below)

Food was okay. Not really that authentic authentic Viet food..
or maybe 'cos I'm not sure of what Viet food is all about..
Anyway, as usual, company was great.
Love my friends.