Wednesday, April 30, 2008

money grow wings

I dint sleep at all last night.. or should I say this morning??
Was rushing my final presentation boards in order to get it all printed today..
well, 'cos tomorrow's a Labour Day.. all printing shops are closed..
and I gotta start making my model tonight, hoping can get it all done by tomorrow night..
Sheeshh tired. Exhausted.

Been some time since I last gave up my whole sleeping hours for work..
Latest I slept lately was like 5am... but today.. sigh..
Worked my ass till I finally get everything composed in by 6.30am.
Was kinda thrilled that I completed the boards, *relieves*
I eventually went pasar pagi with my parents and had a vegan breakfast.

-_- ZZzzzz~~~

Yada yada yada.. yes i'm freaking drained out.
Who say architecture field is easy? Shucks~
Hitting the bed. Like NOW.

OHHHhhh... and... 6 A1 size presentation boards. (above)
Laminated and mounted cost me 50 bucks each.
300 bucks altogether.

*heart pains*

I can like buy 200 Ikea currypuffs d.
And worst, I don't even eat 200 currypuffs in a year.


Study is bloody expensive.
And this is not the FIRST time.


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