Wednesday, April 02, 2008

another 6 hours in Mid Valley

I'm in Starbucks, Mid Valley again.
It's bloody hot here.. Their compressor is down.
I think I'm gonna switch place to D'lish.

Cannot tahan.. the feeling is like sitting in a semi-hot oven..
or like dipping my skin into hot spicy chilli sauce..


Oooohh.. I'm in D'lish now..
So nice feeling.. brighter and cooler and lagi comfy here..
Ok. Start doing work.


Tonight gonna paddington myself with Yvonne, Pin, JunWei and Alan.

We had dinner at CoDo, Mid Valley (opposite Studio R) instead. Vietnamese food.
Din't really snap anything.. Was so jammed up, damn hungry n tired..
So... just these few.. (below)

Food was okay. Not really that authentic authentic Viet food..
or maybe 'cos I'm not sure of what Viet food is all about..
Anyway, as usual, company was great.
Love my friends.



huaypin said...

yeahh..*my bowl full of tauges" and i wasn't even there for an hr then it's closing time di..

Michelle said...

hahah siao po...
blame ur work,
blame the jam,
blame the rain!!