Monday, April 07, 2008

my weekend in a foldable box

Busy busy busy weekend.
None stop staring at my lappy screen..
Working on my freelance and cracking head on my finals.

Better hope only this weekend is THIS busy..
It's like almost 2am now. Monday.
I'm still rendering my last 3d..
while watching Game Plan by The Rock..
(simply one of the best movie that certainly can watch over n over again)
while kay-pohing in other people's blogs..
while lying down on the couch, stretching my legs..
and while rummaging through this website. *CLICK*

*big grin*

What?? Keeps me awake wat... *shrugs*

This year's CLEO 50 Most Eligible Bachelor..
I'm not really keen into it la.. (I was ,back in high school, squealing with my girls n all..)
but not idea why.. sigh..
Now, 'cos really nothing to do except wait for my render to complete..

Got the site from
So just clicking through it.. like to read how the guys answered to the questions asked..
some corny.. some a bit dodgy.. some memang flirt.. some was okayy.. heheh
Saw a few eligible ones.. and some not that eligible.. ahhaha..
to my personal cup of tea.. lol

*tummy growls*

I think I need food.


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