Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nuffnang Gift Ideas

Hmmmmmm...... wonders wonders wonders.
What an important role presents bring...
How presents can make you feel whilst receiving or giving them??
Back at kiddo times, how we thought expensive presents = best presents?
As you grow older... presents are really getting to the back of our heads...
"Thoughts that count" are more like it.

Browsing around, so many bloggers are into that Nuffnang Gift Ideas.
Me also want to join in the fun.
It's fun thinking of what to get for friends and all.. imagining how happy they will be etc etc.. especially when it's free and thinking.. teeheehee
Love giving presents as much as receiving.. *hints*

Alright, here goes for nuffnangers...

First to Ashley.
One very hardworking interior design student in UK.
Play hard, party hard and super like the color pink hard.
Not that I hated pink.. pink is a very nice colour i believe...
but i'm not CRAZY die hard fan of PINK!!! BUT THIS GIRL IS!!!

Pink until her 21st birthday bash theme was pink. Girls guys all in pink. Yum!
So here she is.. in pink blowing pink kisses... OOoooOooo.... *flirts*

I'm so not getting her anything pink. But maybe a little pink.
*whispers* if not she might not like the pressie i get her.. hehehee

A nice Austria crystal bracelet from Realmart.
18K White gold rhodium plated too... hmmmmhmm..
I know how she lovesss beautifying herself. hehehehe
With ONLY a little hint of pink. *grins*
I'm trying to un-PINK her slowly.... slowllyy.... she's too hardcore for "express change".

Looking delicate rite?? So Ash, please be a much more delicate girl ok..
I will never forget your shrills and sudden screams in my car long time ago.. *winks*


Next up!! BigBoysOven.
Both these two big boys. Holy talented people they are.
Cakes, cookies, macarons, mousse, figurines... etc etc..
Anything sweet, you name it.. they do it. chehhhwahh... hehehhee
Eh I really look up onto them ok. *straight face* Serious.

How do you think we should pair them up??? So my gift to them shall be...


a perfect match.

Heavenly taste of espresso, cappuccino... coffee... oooohh..
A good cup of coffee + delicious piece of BBO cake + great friends = LOVE
~~~Love is in the air.. talalalala la la la la~~~

to bigboysoven.. *hugs*
psstt.. they even have baking classes... go quick.. click *here*


A Team.
A Team in digging every little corner in Malaysia for good food.
A Team that didn't mind fingering in front with their banana leaf rice.
A Team that made food look like art pieces.
A Team that has great taste in metaphors.

How I love their metaphors swooning me from food to something else...
*mind wandering far... and far far away* then back to food again.

Great job Team BSG!! hehehehe... very backstreet huh??
My gift for you..

A cute fashionable massage lounger with flexible adjustable angles for the postures. Gonna massage you shy guys to heaven mann... Share share k.
TEN built-in VIBRATING MASSAGE BALLS okay.... don't play play..
Seven massage modes to your preference. Sounds super orgasmic. Wow.

Ok lar.. ok lar.. Logically will massage you to every little narrow streets front, back, side mana-mana pun.. Bringing us good food reviews and introducing ermmm yeahhh not-so-common food. *peace*

So big SMILES to everyone. *grins*


Hmm... just finish present-ing around.
Eh.. wait.
Gifts for Nuffnanger friends rite??

I am a Nuffnanger.. though not very active. blek.
I am my friend.
So means I'm qualify also larhhh to get a pressie???!! -_-"

Ok. I'm giving myself this. Very Irresistible Givenchy Sensual EDT Spray.
Very seductive and irresistible mysterious smell.
What?!?!?! Suits me rite?! No? Hell yah!
I am seductive.
I am irresistible.
And I am sooooo mysterious...

Sorry lar.. Brain stressed up marrr. *sulks*

Gonna squeeze my juices out tomorrow for all deadlines.
So taking a break tonight.. sighhhhh
but *shivers* sudden image flashes into my head..
AIKS!!! Diana, my HOD's face is so scowling at me now *pointing* You LAZY girl!!!

So back to work...!!!

p/s : credits - pictures I "stole" from related blogs in this post. Thanks you peeps!

a quick "tour"

Yesterday's design tutorial was not THAT bad.
Was at Subang SS15 Old Town with Ariff (lecturer) and Eng.
Tung decided to drop out. So disappointed in him. Gave up too soon. Sigh.
Hmm... guess old town will be our usual place for tutorials from now on.
*shrugs* Fine with me. Subang is nearer to me than Cheras.

Well well, after tutorial, I dropped by Pyramid to have lunch with dearest Huay-Pin.
Was early, so took a quick walk around.
And how I regretted taking that quick walk. Darn.
I knew it was Mega-Sales month but it didn't popped into my mind then eventhough so many 50% 70% posters all around. Shits man.
Was like wondering.. eh why so cheap geh? why suddenly cut half price? like wtf?

Anyway, I saw this hobo bag in Topshop which was 50% off. Wanted to get it but...
Then this purple tunic in Dorothy Perkins.
I sooooo lurve it lot lot lot.
*rolled eyes* Yea. Love that piece but not the price.
RM 169.90 for that piece. No discount. New arrival.

Luckily Huay-Pin called on time. If not I would have bought it.
Sigh I spent kinda quite a lot lately. So gotta double-think this top.
Hmm... I haven't dreamt bout it last night... so guess not that love it lor.. hahahhaa..
But i miss it wor.. thought of it every second minute I could.
But no time to shop lately unless happen to stumble into a mall or smtg.
So I successfully did not buy anything... only KimGary's korean noodles in my tummy.


Last night was horrible. I skipped dinner.
Suffering from a sudden attack of bad bad headache and gastric.
Making me feel so restless now. Gawddd...

I think I'm goin to join that Nuffnang's Gift Ideas thing.
Soon soon.

Monday, July 28, 2008

i just lurve red.

Hmm.. i can't remember if i posted this pix up before a not.
Was like months and months ago. Guess around April I think..

Anyway, I went for manicure and pedicure again last Saturday.
Syok sendiri. *grins*
Taking the weekend off to clear my mind.

Okay. Back to work.
Tutorial tomorrow. Really headache.

hugs and kisses~~~
will update more as days running by.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Love Me Banyak-banyak

No time to blog. (internet sucks lately anyway)
Just pasted in this song lyrics.
Not that famous anyway.. but nice song.
Check it out on my sidebar..
Hmmmm i think it'll play automatically i guess...

You say I'm hard to please..
Believe me I'm not..
You're wrong to think what I need..
Is more than you've got..
My happiness don't come from gold..
And It never did..
You're out there trying to catch me stars..
Sometimes you forget..

I need you with your feet on the ground..
'Cos heaven is here, and forever is now

You don't have to lay down and die..
Or start changing your life..
You don't have to give me the finest things money can buy..
You don't have to promise the moon..
To make my dreams come true..
All you gotta do is love me..

Oh, my baby can't you see..
How lucky we are..
And I don't want anything..
To tear us apart..
I need your arms around me every night..
And I need your kiss...
Can't you see what matters in the end..
Are moments like this...

When it's late and it's just down to us..
Don't you know baby, that's more than enough..

You don't have to lay down and die..
Or start changing your life..
You don't have to give me the finest things money can buy..
You don't have to promise the moon..
To make my dreams come true..
All you gotta do is love me..

Love me...
That's all I ask of you..
Love me..

You don't have to lay down and die..
Or start changing your life..
Or give me the finest things money can buy..
You don't have to promise the moon..
To make my dreams come true, no..
All you gotta do is love me..

All you gotta do is love me..
Just love me.

Emo song meh?? No rite?? *shrugs*
I like it wor. heheh

Ok lar..back to work work work..
Grandmother stories SOON!!~

boohoo hate times like this.
life is really like a roller-coaster.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I just want to sulk.

I'm not sleeping and I'm not doing any work.
Heaps of work piling way up my brain... suffocating me to my last bits..
Struggling to think, to get my fingers start clicking and cadding...

Looking at this messy scratchy sickening site measurement piece..
I'm so stuck here.. not knowing where and how to start...
oh gawddddd..... (major attempt to tear it up into pieces)

I know I have a lot of things to do but I... I... just... *stammers*
I know I know I know... but not doing it.. not doing it.. soooo no mood.
Plain lazy to think, i admit.
I'm worried.... way worried but just not doing anything now...
I can start right away... but.. but... the heart just ain't there..

*fingers crossed*
*toes crossed*
*hair tips crossed*

I know I have to get the plan all out first.. but..
my head kept shifting places, thinking of the new concept... *sniffs*
(which the 1st proposal was rejected and stuck to produce a new concept based on the existing framework that I don't quite fancy it at all)
thinking bout other approaches, themes, detail drawings, design intentions, demographics...
illustrations, marketing management etc etc
And site models and drawings by Thursday. *faints*

This is SO not my usual self.

It's my FINALS argghhh godddammnnnittt....
Huuuuuuu haaaaaaaaaa breathe in breathe out.
It's not working!!!!!!

Can someone kick my ass and knock some sense into me?
Please help me.. i need it BIG TIME!!~

And yet I'm sitting here reading a stranger's blog and worrying and not doing anything.
Half-hoping my dream prince will come kuda-kan me off my worries. -_-

Fail la me.

Wait. I think is the weather. Or maybe the time.
Ok. Sleep. I'll be better tomorrow. Promise.

I love my job but sometimes I really wonder why lar i choose this field??

Gawd help me please.

Monday, July 21, 2008


hmmm... i might take this out.

We are not perfect, you see..
We can't do everything but yet we can't do nothing.
At times when we thought we doing the right thing... but we're not.
At times when we thought we didn't do shits, but we're simply framed.
At times when we thought we deserve it, but end up.. we don't get it.

At times when all these suddenly happen, how will you feel? who will you blame on?
what will you do? and why these things only happen to you?

Sometimes we work our shit off, hoping to get something in return..
Sometimes we help our friends, hoping help running back one day in return..
Sometimes we say something, hoping to knock some sense in..
Sometimes we treat others well, hoping to be treated well in return..
Sometimes this and that, hoping it will be the same in return..

Well, I think it's better we don't hope for anything back in return.
That will make us feel much better and sincere to ourselves that we are not just seeking for something in return but to do it wholeheartedly as long as we don't feel sorry for ourselves.
Deep in our head, we do hope when we treat someone well or something right, we would want to be paid the same in return.. but what if it didn't happen the way that we utmost wanted it to?
Nonsense will creep up in your mind, conquering your conscience, despising your good wills.

Why the fuck for, right??

Life is already one big mess for us to struggle in.
Why bother adding more frustration into it when you can just avoid shits like this?

Minds are some fucking complication "thing" that ever has created.
It can go zappp and went off the path at any second.
Thinking too much kills.
Thinking too little sucks.
So what?

You can lie tell to yourself millions of answers to soothe yourself.
But deep down, you're just not convinced. Why?
Because they are not the things that you want to know or do or say or feel..

There are times when we're getting all emo and suddenly...
question ourselves of what we thought are "our facts of life"...
like why are we born here with all these illogical sufferings???
or why tat bastard is so fucking rich that I'm not??
or why i'm working so hard but my boss never appreciate me??
Or why is that chick so chio that I don't even have an ugly duckling with me??
Unfairness?? Bias??

Funny thing, when we are to compare good shits rite...
we'll probably be like comparing to Uncle Lim's fortune, Donald Trump's tower, how much Angelina Jolie earn for a movie, those rich tards everywhere in the world etc etc...
but we never compare our life with those died over dehydration, poverty, hunger and etc.. guess nothing is ever enough rite? or should i say gratitude values are not implemented well?

What occur me for this outoftheblue post is that.. yeah.. today is one of those days..
I do have times where I just feel like the whole fucking world just owe a hell lot to me..
but then when I'm cool and all.. stupidity is the only word to describe me.
We do have problems, just depending on how horrendous it can become..
Problems can be solved with the right conscience and mood to attend..
Deep in, we know how to solve anything that affects us...
I guess it's just the matter of how true we are to ourselves..
How much we want to trust the reality that slapped us hard..
People say women have sharp instincts. Men say don't trust it.
Well, we all do have it.
We always have this little voice in us that know best what we should do.
That little voice that speaks it all despite you want to admit it or not. You agree?

Money is not everything.. but without money is also a no-no thing.
I'm not those who crave for money and making impossible goals as wanting to make first millions before in 2 years time or whatso.
I know my capabilities, my needs and what I want from myself in this life.
(at least for the time being, i'm happy with the life i am in now)

What I want to achieve with no hanky-panky tricks, desperation do occurs sometimes...
but.. narh.. i'll pass... I really need a clear conscience..
Guess some of you will think, I have got no high aims or goals for a richer life..
marry a rich man, becoming a rich aunty, in a big mansion made of gold..
Oh well, I think I know where my "enough" limit is.

And to this specific you, I'm all ears.
I listened but I couldn't make decision for you.
I really want good shits out of you..
I've known you for years and I really think you don't deserve shits like now..
You can so do much better.. Faith is that freaking F word.
Just make the fucking right choice and give your life a new kickstart.

Sometimes in the real shit-world, we really need to thicken our face in order to live.
Be someone we're not, hell no for me.

i know a lot of ppl dont agree this post with me, thinking i'm so immature..
not ready for the real farkddap world..
well, this is what i think now la.. who knows it might change.
no guarantees as the world turns.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

ooooo wahhhhh AHHHHHH

More food pix coming right up... an annoyance dedicated to Gary. AHHAhahaha

- -

Anyway I was having my dinner in Taman Sentosa, Klang few days ago.
Bah Kut Teh to be exact.
Brother was so craving for it so we just roamed around looking for it...
Never be here before. First time. *fingers crossed*

Walked in. Sat down. Ordered. Looked around.
Eh got pails wor... up the entrance.. on the floor. Then why got hose geh??
Looked up and up and up...
Whaddatheholyfuck is that???!!!?

Oh-bloody-gosh-me.... Mind me for my suaku-ness... A bit moutain lately.
So sibeh creative lor... *salutes*
Beh tahan. Well... ceiling leaking problem.. Pretty obvious.
A "good" practical cheap workable way to prevent water from drip drippppin' drip...
Wahahhaa.... Blue pail... red pail.. Siiiigh.. wonder how "tahan" is this idea?


Ok lar.. I've been busy and stuff lately.
Not much time to blog. But will do it whenever I find time. *grins*

By the way... the BKT here sucks big time.
So no point posting up the pix. Don't even look appetizing.
Bad first try-out. The bill was ok.. normal pricing and all..
just that they were quite blunt in taste. I meann..
is BKT heaven okkkk...
Never gonna step in here anymore eventhough how innovative they are...
Guess all their creative juices are all up the ceiling and not in their food.


Aiks. That was fffaaaast ayyyy?

*dreaming bout a... g... ride... wild... uhhh.. touched... mm.. ermm... erm... hmmm......*

nuts growing.

Friday, July 11, 2008

fooded with food

Yup. At Pick n Brew again last night.
(Gosh man.. this is like Pick n' Brew's blog now... 3 posts in a row)
*brows furrowed*

It's so so hard to get all 7 of us to fix a time for a quick dinner on a weekday night.
since everyone is like scattered around Klang Valley...
Plans were so backfired since weeks ago... since we made a "pact" to have dinner every week long time ago... Ya.. everyweek... my FOOT...
regardless sometimes I was also one of those who are labelled as "busy" ffk assholes. *grins*

Oh well.. Last night, 6 of us except HuayPin.
Let's see... Me, YvonneTheOnceHelmet, BernadineMyBehbeh and 3 manly stooges - JunWei, Alan and ChoonWee.

I suggested Pick n Brew last week (and not knowing I'll be going there with Priscilla..the night before..) 'cos only me and Berny been there.. others seemed no idea that it existed.. so since no one wanna suggest any place.. so I did..
and there's where we landed the whole night of blabbering and catching-ups...
since JunWei smsed, "Miss u guys sangat.." *laughs*

Bernadine and I shared. Only starters for us.
Smoked Salmon on Brioche and Mixed Snack Platter.
Banyak full-leh... maybe 'cos we weren't that hungry.. Work stress conquered.

My dear dear YvonneTheOnceHelmet's Lamb Tikka.
Poor girl.. another interior designer that stressed her ass out.
Come.... i sayang... *cuddles* ignores Berny. Hahahaha...

JunWeiTheBugger's Angel Hair Marinara.
"So-so only.." was what he said after a mouthful.
He took this photo man... soooo PROooooOooooOooo... teeheehee..

ChoonWeeTheGrandEntranceDude's Curry Laksa. Forgotten his comments.
Anyway.. he snapped this pix also...
and a few more tens pix of different angles and chopsticks props..
Sorry dear.. only one entitled for one.. hahahahha
me so nonsense. =P

AlanTheGettingMoreHandsome-r's OOPSS!!! I forgotten what he ordered...
And it's not in facebook.. so I can't just copied it off the page...
(like what I did for above items and previous items... sorry for my bad brain..*gulps*)

All I knew was.. something beef-y and something cheesy.. hahahah..

And yeah... saw busyman Jackson like finalllyyyyy.... Tsk tsk.
He said voluntarily I can pack him back and take home...
but mana ada?? where where??? *grunts*

New earrings.. passed by DIVA and saw 9bucks sale signs..
Can't help but to enter ...
Can't help but to buy something...
Can't help but decided that I should buy both..
Can't help but to like them a lot..
Can't help but to just snap a bloody pix of them...
Can't help but to just post it up here...
Can't help but to can't help none stop.. hehehehehe


Baby Kyra's 1st birthday today. This very kawayi-looking-tough babe.

"Don't mess with me ya.. or I'll kick your ass!!! RRarr!~~"

Look!!! *shrieks*
Not that way!!! Upfront!!~~~

Mind me. Slept at 4am yesterday. Spite my narrowwww eyes.
Focus on the BABY!!!!

"ShhhhhhHhh..... haiiiYerr... who's sneaking up to find the babies...???"

My super-fun-to-be-with colleague, Priscilla.
Yup. The same girl I mentioned in my previous posts. Love her.

And we had Paddington for lunch today.

Not mine. Priscilla's. I forgotten bout mine.

yeah.. allllllll forgotten..
Me hope... I can just forget bout something that I really hope I can just forget but I couldn't cos' i just can't forget bout it and how I really wish the things that I want to just forget can be forgotten and the things that I want to remember cannot be forgotten. Forget the remembered, remember the forgotten. Can?


Sigh. Nevermind.


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

penne me up

Ok. A quick one. Late d.

Yup. At Pick n' Brew today again.
On a mission with Priscilla (workmate).
Ought to go 1U to get some stuff.
Yup.. Shopping.. but not for ourselves anyway *grunts*

Back in office, after working hours, around 7pm to be exact...
Pris: 1U or Curve?
Me: 1U. Was at Curve yesterday.
Pris: Ok then. Eat what?
Me: No idea.
Pris: Go your friend's place la.
Me: No problemo. Alrito.

After a few seconds.. snapped in my head on my face..
(Oh darn.. another planned-dinner-date-since-last-week at the same place tomorrow nite.. oishh..)

Never mind.

After shopping and buying and wrapping... makan lor.
Aiyah.. reached there.. Duno what to eat ler. How?

Ki-ki-ki-peng-peng.. Ok. Set.
Waitress came over. Something funny happened.
We ordered our set.. Eventually I asked her what's the soup of the day?

I was like.. huh?
Pris was like *blank*.. and "lik'?

She repeated... "Poteelik"
I was still like... "Sorry I don't get you.."

Again she repeated.. "It's our poteelik soup.."
I flipped the menu and.... OOHHHHhhhhhh Potato and Leek.

Alright alright. My bad.. my ear bad. Sorry. *grins*
Paiseh rite??! Haiyerrrr...

Starters: Deep Fried Oyster with Lemon Balsamic and poteelik Potato and Leek Soup.
My Hot Englishy Tea. Tea this time... just had thick black coffee this morning.

The oysters were *thumbs up*.. heheh Pris said... very oyster taste...
I gave her "that" look. Ah dear.. it's OYSTER rite? *laughs*
Potato and Leek Soup was good for a change. Really booooored of Mushroom Soup.
So at least this soup did a good job "perking" me up. Tee-hee..

Priscilla's Roast Beef on Spinach and Mushroom Risotto.
Yup. She like it. Said better than other restaurants' that she tasted before.

My Dory and Salmon on Penne ala Verde. Not bad.
Love the ikan-ikan yang berbeza-beza.
But the pasta was kinda hard for my liking. Or issit memang like that? Hmm...

Oh yea.. I did mention SET rite..
well.. they were actually Chef's Dinner Special. RM32/set.
Ooohh.. and I got my Pick n Brew housecard.
Start collecting beanies... hheheheh...


poteelik poteelik.. poteeelikkkkk.... lik lik lik...

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

it's all maaaaa-kaaaaan

Warning : Beware of long queue of pix ahead. I guess.

Yup. I finally updated some.
Finally.. yea.. Been busy lately.
Really busy..
Coping with my part time, studies and freelance.
Ain't life really do sucks sometimes?
Especially when all things started to jumble up at the same shit time??

Oh well.
Today = Monday Blues?
Narh.. i'm fine today. Serious.

Last weekend hasn't been any good ol' weekend.
Last week has been HELL!!..
OT most of the night.
Worked on weekend. Went Archidex exhibition in KLCC.
Worrying my ass off for my final thesis design site.
Uncle gonna shift soon... colors, themes, tiles, paint, furnitures....
Freelance pay not in yet..
Study loan not in yet..
Goshhh... One hectic week.

Alright. Enough of my sluts' story.
Back to my foodies... woohoo~~~

Why McD leads this post?
'Cos I HAD ENOUGH OF FASTFOOD!!! That's why!!
Since the long hours of working last week, we called-in deliveries like few times a week.
And deliveries meant FASTFOOD...
hell yeah.. they're fast..
and they're fast to your doorsteps..
they're fast to adding extra pounds too..

Can you imagine.. last Friday..
Lunch = McD.
Dinner = Pizza.
WTF!!! this is life mannn... LIFE!!!!~~.. working hectic stressful life..

Alright.. i'm slutting bout work again.
Okays.. back to foodies... woo hooo~~..


Was out with ManYee 2 weeks ago.
We went Pick n Brew, 1 Utama after I got my laptop back from KL for service.
Changed my whole lappie casing and got a new keyboard..
Bloody hell to me.. dumb me accidentally pour my Hilfiger lotion all over the keys.
*smacks head*

We went Pick n' Brew for tea.
Ordered coffee and apple juice.
Free Blueberry Cheesecake... oh gawd.. HOW CHEESE-yyy it was..
first bite led to Heaven of Cheese.. very cheesy.. *drools*

ManYee's brownies w / ice-cream
She stared at it a few seconds, wondering when to start walloping this plate of art.
Not knowing where to first poke it... good gracious... hahaha..

We spent some quality time gossiping a bit, crapping abit, online sikit..
catching up.. reminising old times since she just got back from Melbourne for sem break.

Miss you la... crazy nutcase.. A friend I can seriously confide everything with.
How weird I felt sometimes..
When I first knew her, (she was a trainee in my previous company) I never knew the "trust bond" that I felt for her, would be this tight.
I won't dare to say we are best friends or anything.. but just someone I can spill everything to.. yes.. spill every single detail. EVERY.

Alright.. before I turned really lesbo and all...
We better continue....

..... ermm... where were we???..

After pick n' brew, we ought to leave...
Me heading back home, she - dinner date with bf and friends.
We were browsing thru food blogs and got stuck on Cuppacakes.

So we dropped by Damansara Uptown, trying to look for WonderMilk..
Heard bout it like thousands of time.. never been there..
Only bought a few cuppa from The Apartment, The Curve...

Not bad right? The interiors and ambience.. pretty retro, colourful.. chunky..
I like to call these kind.. "chunky".. ahahaha...
I quite fancy deco as such.. but ain't my kind of deco I would apply in my house..
I'll go crazy one day, in emo mood.. looking at all the colourful hectic "mess" everywhere..
I'll surely go GAGA.. tearing everything off and screaming on top of my lungs..
Hmm.. ok.. I think I'm going out of topic.

Anyway... I din't really buy muchh. Just got 4 little cute cupcakes for Priscilla.
Bet she will love it.. and she did.. hahaha...

Way better than Cupcake Chic, The Curve.
No kidding. Cupcake chic = dry, boring design, pricey.

For more cuppacake info, click *here*....


I can't remember when this was. Last week I think.
YvonneTheNoLongerHelmet dated me for dinner after work.
We went Gardens, MidValley.
Some Taiwanese restaurant, Fong Lye Tea House.
First time there... worth a try I guess...
Recommended by YvonneTheNoLongerHelmet-who-once-grew-up-in-Taiwan.
So won't be thaaat bad la hor...

Ambience was not bad.
We were there just bout the nick of time the crowd rushed in.
We just lay out ass for like 10 mins.. there were a long queue of two-legged trying to gush in.

They have nice teapot sets.
Nice plates, nice culinary, nice furnitures but not-so-nice service.
Due to the slighty pricey numbers we have to pay... we ought to have nice everything on our table and NOT to have not-so-nice service and "people-in-waiting".
No meh?

We ordered a pot of aromatic rose oolong tea.
Following down the list, *glances down*
Fried sweet potato balls... yummy.. nice appetizer.
Fried salted chicken... not bad either. not too salty. just nice. DUH.

I ordered a Taiwanese Burger (above). A piece of stew pork sandwiched in a mantou.
Taste was so so.. Mantou was a bit dry..

She ordered Pork Intestines MeeSuah (below). Not bad.
A new taste I need to adapt. First sip... taste kinda weird... but then.. okay.
Not till the extend of getting hooked on it.. but accepting.

Overall bill was less than 60bucks.
Okay lar.. not bad. Lucky my date was one hilarious bubbly girl. If not.. HMPH!
Worth a second visit if they change a set of new "people-in-waiting"..
Alright.. not being mean and all.. just change a few annoying ones will do..
or that few that are blind... or that few that are stuck-ups.. or that few.. who.. errr...
*zips up*

I'm not trying to be a bitch here.. but seriously..
it's F&B for goodness sake.. and your services sucked..
then why the farq we're even bothered to pay service taxes and tipping u??
Yea.. banyak orang.. ok.. busy.. fine.. then hire more people la !!~
Not even a good excuse to be excused.

*rolled eyes* I just demand want for what's right.


Ending this post with a pix.
Yup. I cooked last last weekend again.
Yup. It's spaghetti again.
Yup. My mom asked me to again.
Yup. I was ordered again when i was sleeping again.
Yup... it's soooo predictable ay?

Hmm.. I haven't really blogged bout.. beauty and the beast musical, my craps, more food..
Oh.. I had Korean BBQ last nite and that ol' famous 15bucks seafood laksa last Saturday.
Will be blog someday bout it.
Yeah.. someday.

NITE peeps.
hugs and kisses.

*tak boleh tahan d*