Friday, July 11, 2008

fooded with food

Yup. At Pick n Brew again last night.
(Gosh man.. this is like Pick n' Brew's blog now... 3 posts in a row)
*brows furrowed*

It's so so hard to get all 7 of us to fix a time for a quick dinner on a weekday night.
since everyone is like scattered around Klang Valley...
Plans were so backfired since weeks ago... since we made a "pact" to have dinner every week long time ago... Ya.. everyweek... my FOOT...
regardless sometimes I was also one of those who are labelled as "busy" ffk assholes. *grins*

Oh well.. Last night, 6 of us except HuayPin.
Let's see... Me, YvonneTheOnceHelmet, BernadineMyBehbeh and 3 manly stooges - JunWei, Alan and ChoonWee.

I suggested Pick n Brew last week (and not knowing I'll be going there with Priscilla..the night before..) 'cos only me and Berny been there.. others seemed no idea that it existed.. so since no one wanna suggest any place.. so I did..
and there's where we landed the whole night of blabbering and catching-ups...
since JunWei smsed, "Miss u guys sangat.." *laughs*

Bernadine and I shared. Only starters for us.
Smoked Salmon on Brioche and Mixed Snack Platter.
Banyak full-leh... maybe 'cos we weren't that hungry.. Work stress conquered.

My dear dear YvonneTheOnceHelmet's Lamb Tikka.
Poor girl.. another interior designer that stressed her ass out.
Come.... i sayang... *cuddles* ignores Berny. Hahahaha...

JunWeiTheBugger's Angel Hair Marinara.
"So-so only.." was what he said after a mouthful.
He took this photo man... soooo PROooooOooooOooo... teeheehee..

ChoonWeeTheGrandEntranceDude's Curry Laksa. Forgotten his comments.
Anyway.. he snapped this pix also...
and a few more tens pix of different angles and chopsticks props..
Sorry dear.. only one entitled for one.. hahahahha
me so nonsense. =P

AlanTheGettingMoreHandsome-r's OOPSS!!! I forgotten what he ordered...
And it's not in facebook.. so I can't just copied it off the page...
(like what I did for above items and previous items... sorry for my bad brain..*gulps*)

All I knew was.. something beef-y and something cheesy.. hahahah..

And yeah... saw busyman Jackson like finalllyyyyy.... Tsk tsk.
He said voluntarily I can pack him back and take home...
but mana ada?? where where??? *grunts*

New earrings.. passed by DIVA and saw 9bucks sale signs..
Can't help but to enter ...
Can't help but to buy something...
Can't help but decided that I should buy both..
Can't help but to like them a lot..
Can't help but to just snap a bloody pix of them...
Can't help but to just post it up here...
Can't help but to can't help none stop.. hehehehehe


Baby Kyra's 1st birthday today. This very kawayi-looking-tough babe.

"Don't mess with me ya.. or I'll kick your ass!!! RRarr!~~"

Look!!! *shrieks*
Not that way!!! Upfront!!~~~

Mind me. Slept at 4am yesterday. Spite my narrowwww eyes.
Focus on the BABY!!!!

"ShhhhhhHhh..... haiiiYerr... who's sneaking up to find the babies...???"

My super-fun-to-be-with colleague, Priscilla.
Yup. The same girl I mentioned in my previous posts. Love her.

And we had Paddington for lunch today.

Not mine. Priscilla's. I forgotten bout mine.

yeah.. allllllll forgotten..
Me hope... I can just forget bout something that I really hope I can just forget but I couldn't cos' i just can't forget bout it and how I really wish the things that I want to just forget can be forgotten and the things that I want to remember cannot be forgotten. Forget the remembered, remember the forgotten. Can?


Sigh. Nevermind.



backstreetgluttons said...

awww yr music a bit serious ah tonight?

but you guys can eat a lot .so becoz stressed out or becoz miss Jackson ? then sleep a bit too early in da morning also. hahaha
we thoz designers super creative never stress out only bored one ?

tho yr face is so serenely calm...

Michelle said...

hahaha u think be designer easy job ar? if i show it in my face that often, i'll be some dried-up wrinkled-face old prune.. hahaha..

a lot? each of us 1 dish only wor.. ahhaha yup.. miss jackson too.. n miss u toO!! when coming to klang?!?! Grrr~