Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I just want to sulk.

I'm not sleeping and I'm not doing any work.
Heaps of work piling way up my brain... suffocating me to my last bits..
Struggling to think, to get my fingers start clicking and cadding...

Looking at this messy scratchy sickening site measurement piece..
I'm so stuck here.. not knowing where and how to start...
oh gawddddd..... (major attempt to tear it up into pieces)

I know I have a lot of things to do but I... I... just... *stammers*
I know I know I know... but not doing it.. not doing it.. soooo no mood.
Plain lazy to think, i admit.
I'm worried.... way worried but just not doing anything now...
I can start right away... but.. but... the heart just ain't there..

*fingers crossed*
*toes crossed*
*hair tips crossed*

I know I have to get the plan all out first.. but..
my head kept shifting places, thinking of the new concept... *sniffs*
(which the 1st proposal was rejected and stuck to produce a new concept based on the existing framework that I don't quite fancy it at all)
thinking bout other approaches, themes, detail drawings, design intentions, demographics...
illustrations, marketing management etc etc
And site models and drawings by Thursday. *faints*

This is SO not my usual self.

It's my FINALS argghhh godddammnnnittt....
Huuuuuuu haaaaaaaaaa breathe in breathe out.
It's not working!!!!!!

Can someone kick my ass and knock some sense into me?
Please help me.. i need it BIG TIME!!~

And yet I'm sitting here reading a stranger's blog and worrying and not doing anything.
Half-hoping my dream prince will come kuda-kan me off my worries. -_-

Fail la me.

Wait. I think is the weather. Or maybe the time.
Ok. Sleep. I'll be better tomorrow. Promise.

I love my job but sometimes I really wonder why lar i choose this field??

Gawd help me please.

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