Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nuffnang Gift Ideas

Hmmmmmm...... wonders wonders wonders.
What an important role presents bring...
How presents can make you feel whilst receiving or giving them??
Back at kiddo times, how we thought expensive presents = best presents?
As you grow older... presents are really getting to the back of our heads...
"Thoughts that count" are more like it.

Browsing around, so many bloggers are into that Nuffnang Gift Ideas.
Me also want to join in the fun.
It's fun thinking of what to get for friends and all.. imagining how happy they will be etc etc.. especially when it's free and thinking.. teeheehee
Love giving presents as much as receiving.. *hints*

Alright, here goes for nuffnangers...

First to Ashley.
One very hardworking interior design student in UK.
Play hard, party hard and super like the color pink hard.
Not that I hated pink.. pink is a very nice colour i believe...
but i'm not CRAZY die hard fan of PINK!!! BUT THIS GIRL IS!!!

Pink until her 21st birthday bash theme was pink. Girls guys all in pink. Yum!
So here she is.. in pink blowing pink kisses... OOoooOooo.... *flirts*

I'm so not getting her anything pink. But maybe a little pink.
*whispers* if not she might not like the pressie i get her.. hehehee

A nice Austria crystal bracelet from Realmart.
18K White gold rhodium plated too... hmmmmhmm..
I know how she lovesss beautifying herself. hehehehe
With ONLY a little hint of pink. *grins*
I'm trying to un-PINK her slowly.... slowllyy.... she's too hardcore for "express change".

Looking delicate rite?? So Ash, please be a much more delicate girl ok..
I will never forget your shrills and sudden screams in my car long time ago.. *winks*


Next up!! BigBoysOven.
Both these two big boys. Holy talented people they are.
Cakes, cookies, macarons, mousse, figurines... etc etc..
Anything sweet, you name it.. they do it. chehhhwahh... hehehhee
Eh I really look up onto them ok. *straight face* Serious.

How do you think we should pair them up??? So my gift to them shall be...


a perfect match.

Heavenly taste of espresso, cappuccino... coffee... oooohh..
A good cup of coffee + delicious piece of BBO cake + great friends = LOVE
~~~Love is in the air.. talalalala la la la la~~~

to bigboysoven.. *hugs*
psstt.. they even have baking classes... go quick.. click *here*


A Team.
A Team in digging every little corner in Malaysia for good food.
A Team that didn't mind fingering in front with their banana leaf rice.
A Team that made food look like art pieces.
A Team that has great taste in metaphors.

How I love their metaphors swooning me from food to something else...
*mind wandering far... and far far away* then back to food again.

Great job Team BSG!! hehehehe... very backstreet huh??
My gift for you..

A cute fashionable massage lounger with flexible adjustable angles for the postures. Gonna massage you shy guys to heaven mann... Share share k.
TEN built-in VIBRATING MASSAGE BALLS okay.... don't play play..
Seven massage modes to your preference. Sounds super orgasmic. Wow.

Ok lar.. ok lar.. Logically will massage you to every little narrow streets front, back, side mana-mana pun.. Bringing us good food reviews and introducing ermmm yeahhh not-so-common food. *peace*

So big SMILES to everyone. *grins*


Hmm... just finish present-ing around.
Eh.. wait.
Gifts for Nuffnanger friends rite??

I am a Nuffnanger.. though not very active. blek.
I am my friend.
So means I'm qualify also larhhh to get a pressie???!! -_-"

Ok. I'm giving myself this. Very Irresistible Givenchy Sensual EDT Spray.
Very seductive and irresistible mysterious smell.
What?!?!?! Suits me rite?! No? Hell yah!
I am seductive.
I am irresistible.
And I am sooooo mysterious...

Sorry lar.. Brain stressed up marrr. *sulks*

Gonna squeeze my juices out tomorrow for all deadlines.
So taking a break tonight.. sighhhhh
but *shivers* sudden image flashes into my head..
AIKS!!! Diana, my HOD's face is so scowling at me now *pointing* You LAZY girl!!!

So back to work...!!!

p/s : credits - pictures I "stole" from related blogs in this post. Thanks you peeps!

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