Wednesday, July 30, 2008

a quick "tour"

Yesterday's design tutorial was not THAT bad.
Was at Subang SS15 Old Town with Ariff (lecturer) and Eng.
Tung decided to drop out. So disappointed in him. Gave up too soon. Sigh.
Hmm... guess old town will be our usual place for tutorials from now on.
*shrugs* Fine with me. Subang is nearer to me than Cheras.

Well well, after tutorial, I dropped by Pyramid to have lunch with dearest Huay-Pin.
Was early, so took a quick walk around.
And how I regretted taking that quick walk. Darn.
I knew it was Mega-Sales month but it didn't popped into my mind then eventhough so many 50% 70% posters all around. Shits man.
Was like wondering.. eh why so cheap geh? why suddenly cut half price? like wtf?

Anyway, I saw this hobo bag in Topshop which was 50% off. Wanted to get it but...
Then this purple tunic in Dorothy Perkins.
I sooooo lurve it lot lot lot.
*rolled eyes* Yea. Love that piece but not the price.
RM 169.90 for that piece. No discount. New arrival.

Luckily Huay-Pin called on time. If not I would have bought it.
Sigh I spent kinda quite a lot lately. So gotta double-think this top.
Hmm... I haven't dreamt bout it last night... so guess not that love it lor.. hahahhaa..
But i miss it wor.. thought of it every second minute I could.
But no time to shop lately unless happen to stumble into a mall or smtg.
So I successfully did not buy anything... only KimGary's korean noodles in my tummy.


Last night was horrible. I skipped dinner.
Suffering from a sudden attack of bad bad headache and gastric.
Making me feel so restless now. Gawddd...

I think I'm goin to join that Nuffnang's Gift Ideas thing.
Soon soon.

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