Monday, July 28, 2008

i just lurve red.

Hmm.. i can't remember if i posted this pix up before a not.
Was like months and months ago. Guess around April I think..

Anyway, I went for manicure and pedicure again last Saturday.
Syok sendiri. *grins*
Taking the weekend off to clear my mind.

Okay. Back to work.
Tutorial tomorrow. Really headache.

hugs and kisses~~~
will update more as days running by.


k.t.x said...

nice shot on this one. very nice color composition and very nice juxtapose of all fashionable objects....bag, pullover sleeve, vampire manicure, white high heals, tribal/batik print, boring velvety car

Michelle said...

ooooobservant huh???? hehhee
me liking it..=P

it was just an oh-so-random pix i took 'cos I was so stuck in the jam.. hehehe..