Thursday, July 17, 2008

ooooo wahhhhh AHHHHHH

More food pix coming right up... an annoyance dedicated to Gary. AHHAhahaha

- -

Anyway I was having my dinner in Taman Sentosa, Klang few days ago.
Bah Kut Teh to be exact.
Brother was so craving for it so we just roamed around looking for it...
Never be here before. First time. *fingers crossed*

Walked in. Sat down. Ordered. Looked around.
Eh got pails wor... up the entrance.. on the floor. Then why got hose geh??
Looked up and up and up...
Whaddatheholyfuck is that???!!!?

Oh-bloody-gosh-me.... Mind me for my suaku-ness... A bit moutain lately.
So sibeh creative lor... *salutes*
Beh tahan. Well... ceiling leaking problem.. Pretty obvious.
A "good" practical cheap workable way to prevent water from drip drippppin' drip...
Wahahhaa.... Blue pail... red pail.. Siiiigh.. wonder how "tahan" is this idea?


Ok lar.. I've been busy and stuff lately.
Not much time to blog. But will do it whenever I find time. *grins*

By the way... the BKT here sucks big time.
So no point posting up the pix. Don't even look appetizing.
Bad first try-out. The bill was ok.. normal pricing and all..
just that they were quite blunt in taste. I meann..
is BKT heaven okkkk...
Never gonna step in here anymore eventhough how innovative they are...
Guess all their creative juices are all up the ceiling and not in their food.


Aiks. That was fffaaaast ayyyy?

*dreaming bout a... g... ride... wild... uhhh.. touched... mm.. ermm... erm... hmmm......*

nuts growing.

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