Wednesday, July 09, 2008

penne me up

Ok. A quick one. Late d.

Yup. At Pick n' Brew today again.
On a mission with Priscilla (workmate).
Ought to go 1U to get some stuff.
Yup.. Shopping.. but not for ourselves anyway *grunts*

Back in office, after working hours, around 7pm to be exact...
Pris: 1U or Curve?
Me: 1U. Was at Curve yesterday.
Pris: Ok then. Eat what?
Me: No idea.
Pris: Go your friend's place la.
Me: No problemo. Alrito.

After a few seconds.. snapped in my head on my face..
(Oh darn.. another planned-dinner-date-since-last-week at the same place tomorrow nite.. oishh..)

Never mind.

After shopping and buying and wrapping... makan lor.
Aiyah.. reached there.. Duno what to eat ler. How?

Ki-ki-ki-peng-peng.. Ok. Set.
Waitress came over. Something funny happened.
We ordered our set.. Eventually I asked her what's the soup of the day?

I was like.. huh?
Pris was like *blank*.. and "lik'?

She repeated... "Poteelik"
I was still like... "Sorry I don't get you.."

Again she repeated.. "It's our poteelik soup.."
I flipped the menu and.... OOHHHHhhhhhh Potato and Leek.

Alright alright. My bad.. my ear bad. Sorry. *grins*
Paiseh rite??! Haiyerrrr...

Starters: Deep Fried Oyster with Lemon Balsamic and poteelik Potato and Leek Soup.
My Hot Englishy Tea. Tea this time... just had thick black coffee this morning.

The oysters were *thumbs up*.. heheh Pris said... very oyster taste...
I gave her "that" look. Ah dear.. it's OYSTER rite? *laughs*
Potato and Leek Soup was good for a change. Really booooored of Mushroom Soup.
So at least this soup did a good job "perking" me up. Tee-hee..

Priscilla's Roast Beef on Spinach and Mushroom Risotto.
Yup. She like it. Said better than other restaurants' that she tasted before.

My Dory and Salmon on Penne ala Verde. Not bad.
Love the ikan-ikan yang berbeza-beza.
But the pasta was kinda hard for my liking. Or issit memang like that? Hmm...

Oh yea.. I did mention SET rite..
well.. they were actually Chef's Dinner Special. RM32/set.
Ooohh.. and I got my Pick n Brew housecard.
Start collecting beanies... hheheheh...


poteelik poteelik.. poteeelikkkkk.... lik lik lik...

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