Tuesday, July 08, 2008

it's all maaaaa-kaaaaan

Warning : Beware of long queue of pix ahead. I guess.

Yup. I finally updated some.
Finally.. yea.. Been busy lately.
Really busy..
Coping with my part time, studies and freelance.
Ain't life really do sucks sometimes?
Especially when all things started to jumble up at the same shit time??

Oh well.
Today = Monday Blues?
Narh.. i'm fine today. Serious.

Last weekend hasn't been any good ol' weekend.
Last week has been HELL!!..
OT most of the night.
Worked on weekend. Went Archidex exhibition in KLCC.
Worrying my ass off for my final thesis design site.
Uncle gonna shift soon... colors, themes, tiles, paint, furnitures....
Freelance pay not in yet..
Study loan not in yet..
Goshhh... One hectic week.

Alright. Enough of my sluts' story.
Back to my foodies... woohoo~~~

Why McD leads this post?
'Cos I HAD ENOUGH OF FASTFOOD!!! That's why!!
Since the long hours of working last week, we called-in deliveries like few times a week.
And deliveries meant FASTFOOD...
hell yeah.. they're fast..
and they're fast to your doorsteps..
they're fast to adding extra pounds too..

Can you imagine.. last Friday..
Lunch = McD.
Dinner = Pizza.
WTF!!! this is life mannn... LIFE!!!!~~.. working hectic stressful life..

Alright.. i'm slutting bout work again.
Okays.. back to foodies... woo hooo~~..


Was out with ManYee 2 weeks ago.
We went Pick n Brew, 1 Utama after I got my laptop back from KL for service.
Changed my whole lappie casing and got a new keyboard..
Bloody hell to me.. dumb me accidentally pour my Hilfiger lotion all over the keys.
*smacks head*

We went Pick n' Brew for tea.
Ordered coffee and apple juice.
Free Blueberry Cheesecake... oh gawd.. HOW CHEESE-yyy it was..
first bite led to Heaven of Cheese.. very cheesy.. *drools*

ManYee's brownies w / ice-cream
She stared at it a few seconds, wondering when to start walloping this plate of art.
Not knowing where to first poke it... good gracious... hahaha..

We spent some quality time gossiping a bit, crapping abit, online sikit..
catching up.. reminising old times since she just got back from Melbourne for sem break.

Miss you la... crazy nutcase.. A friend I can seriously confide everything with.
How weird I felt sometimes..
When I first knew her, (she was a trainee in my previous company) I never knew the "trust bond" that I felt for her, would be this tight.
I won't dare to say we are best friends or anything.. but just someone I can spill everything to.. yes.. spill every single detail. EVERY.

Alright.. before I turned really lesbo and all...
We better continue....

..... ermm... where were we???..

After pick n' brew, we ought to leave...
Me heading back home, she - dinner date with bf and friends.
We were browsing thru food blogs and got stuck on Cuppacakes.

So we dropped by Damansara Uptown, trying to look for WonderMilk..
Heard bout it like thousands of time.. never been there..
Only bought a few cuppa from The Apartment, The Curve...

Not bad right? The interiors and ambience.. pretty retro, colourful.. chunky..
I like to call these kind.. "chunky".. ahahaha...
I quite fancy deco as such.. but ain't my kind of deco I would apply in my house..
I'll go crazy one day, in emo mood.. looking at all the colourful hectic "mess" everywhere..
I'll surely go GAGA.. tearing everything off and screaming on top of my lungs..
Hmm.. ok.. I think I'm going out of topic.

Anyway... I din't really buy muchh. Just got 4 little cute cupcakes for Priscilla.
Bet she will love it.. and she did.. hahaha...

Way better than Cupcake Chic, The Curve.
No kidding. Cupcake chic = dry, boring design, pricey.

For more cuppacake info, click *here*....


I can't remember when this was. Last week I think.
YvonneTheNoLongerHelmet dated me for dinner after work.
We went Gardens, MidValley.
Some Taiwanese restaurant, Fong Lye Tea House.
First time there... worth a try I guess...
Recommended by YvonneTheNoLongerHelmet-who-once-grew-up-in-Taiwan.
So won't be thaaat bad la hor...

Ambience was not bad.
We were there just bout the nick of time the crowd rushed in.
We just lay out ass for like 10 mins.. there were a long queue of two-legged trying to gush in.

They have nice teapot sets.
Nice plates, nice culinary, nice furnitures but not-so-nice service.
Due to the slighty pricey numbers we have to pay... we ought to have nice everything on our table and NOT to have not-so-nice service and "people-in-waiting".
No meh?

We ordered a pot of aromatic rose oolong tea.
Following down the list, *glances down*
Fried sweet potato balls... yummy.. nice appetizer.
Fried salted chicken... not bad either. not too salty. just nice. DUH.

I ordered a Taiwanese Burger (above). A piece of stew pork sandwiched in a mantou.
Taste was so so.. Mantou was a bit dry..

She ordered Pork Intestines MeeSuah (below). Not bad.
A new taste I need to adapt. First sip... taste kinda weird... but then.. okay.
Not till the extend of getting hooked on it.. but accepting.

Overall bill was less than 60bucks.
Okay lar.. not bad. Lucky my date was one hilarious bubbly girl. If not.. HMPH!
Worth a second visit if they change a set of new "people-in-waiting"..
Alright.. not being mean and all.. just change a few annoying ones will do..
or that few that are blind... or that few that are stuck-ups.. or that few.. who.. errr...
*zips up*

I'm not trying to be a bitch here.. but seriously..
it's F&B for goodness sake.. and your services sucked..
then why the farq we're even bothered to pay service taxes and tipping u??
Yea.. banyak orang.. ok.. busy.. fine.. then hire more people la !!~
Not even a good excuse to be excused.

*rolled eyes* I just demand want for what's right.


Ending this post with a pix.
Yup. I cooked last last weekend again.
Yup. It's spaghetti again.
Yup. My mom asked me to again.
Yup. I was ordered again when i was sleeping again.
Yup... it's soooo predictable ay?

Hmm.. I haven't really blogged bout.. beauty and the beast musical, my craps, more food..
Oh.. I had Korean BBQ last nite and that ol' famous 15bucks seafood laksa last Saturday.
Will be blog someday bout it.
Yeah.. someday.

NITE peeps.
hugs and kisses.

*tak boleh tahan d*


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tesstotoro said...

i can see tht u have not updated ur blog for a very looooooooooooong time..from what big loads of stuffs u have eaten...
*argh* hungry~
PS. blueberry dream tonight