Wednesday, September 17, 2008

with every great love comes a great story..

You guys so ought to watch this (or at least read the plot)..
especially guys with or without love..

I sobbed and sobbed and sobbeddddd...
It is so freaking unbelievable that I sat here 20 minutes ago.. *paused*
So crying my lungs out.. *slaps forehead*

I wanted to watch "The Notebook" so badly for quite some time ago..
simply cos it was a sappy love story, with Rachel McAdams (love her) in it..
Out since 2004.. To watch the trailer... click *here*
can't believe she was sooo different apart from her "Mean Girls" character...
and and and this superb young lovee~!!! This screams TALENT!!
psstt... a lot of kissing.. like hell lot of kissings..

Towards the end, it was so so so so touching... and so so so real..
so so so saddd and so so so goodddd~~
Gosh.. love those scripts.. those characters.. Ryan Gosling and Rachel.. such charisma..
Arghhhh goddammit.. I'm sooo disturbed in a good way..
This beats my all-time favourite movie, "A Walk to Remember"...
Gosh I really love this movie.. *feeling warmth all over*
Both these movies will for sure *definitely* never failed to make me drop tears...
Like really really really drop tears....

Shit.. how to sleep now?
Eyes red and puffy..
Gotta hang around before hitting the sack..
if not.. my mirror will break tomorrow morning...

I'm soooo feeling love.. so so so feeling love...
Who's up watching the second time with me? Get tissues standby please..

Thanks Berny... *hugs*
for making me cry like hell when you told me I won't

Love is painful with and without


Christy said...

It beats A Walk to Remember too???
That's also my all-time favorite; I can never get bored watching the movie and now you say this is so good....I can't resist watching it immediately!!!
(and I will write a review after:)

Michelle said...

yes yes yes!!!
at least this is not a teen flick like "A walk to remember"...
very nice... making ur tear buds itchy only.. go get the DVD... lol

cass said...

lol i remember crying damn a lot when i watched this show. until wilfred also like stunned dunno what to do. haha.... yes better than a walk to remember. lots.