Sunday, September 21, 2008

sick at the wrong time

I miss my life.
I mean seriously.
2nd design crit will on this upcoming Thrusday...
(for my first crit post, click *here*)
I think I'll probably take a break after my finals before starting back on full-time working..
I really really miss my active social life.

Not feeling well today.
Sudden attack of bad flu and slight heat..
Just popped some flu pills and panadols...
Heading to bed soon.. Waking up early to finish my plans..

Was browsing through my pc and internet for more detailed research for my finals..
My so-called Green Project. hehe.. Not that greeeeen actually...
Just a proposal, developing Organic City Garden in Mutiara Damansara, PJ..

My initial design idea will taste something like this...
Very un-commercialize was my idea..
(but I think will change slightly or drastically whilst developing the idea..)

Reference from a lot of pix...
I just attached some here...

Very here and there right?
Yeah.. I know.. this was just brainstorming..
Got the ideas done d by now..
Will soon start working on the cad drawings.

Alright. Night all..
Sick girl goin to bed. *hugs*

p/s: I don't hate school or tutorials.. I mean only me n another student doing our finals only..
So that makes only 2 of us and the part-time tutor..
I just hate it when tutor&student they sabo misinterpret me.
It is so obvious that he's a bias freak. I thought I was being sensitive..
until there were people asking n telling me bout it... hmph.. so... guess it's kinda true then...
stupid nose


Tess Soh said...

so...everything sounds on track now..
need not being emo lar...
one month to go...

*own self ady in deep shit*


Michelle said...

sounds on track only.. hahaha
technically not..
hard to cad la.. haih