Friday, September 19, 2008


Sigh... Never-ending work.. UPDATE!!

Half an hour to tonight's tutorial.
I have a big question in mind like..
why do I bother going?
'cos I already know what will happen...
what he will say and reject...
what another he will laugh and "gosok-kasut"..
what all rubbish will be tapered to my face?
Face before tutorial (below) *sulks*

So why do I still bother going??
Ohh.. cos it's compulsory..
For me to show my pretty face to get attendance...
and I'm so so so tired of sulking over night-midnight classes..
But what can I do?
I'm overpowered when 2 old men who became friends.

I gave up on them d.
I'm just goin there to be a boneka.. and back.
Because I simply HAVE to be there.

But I haven't give up on myself yet.
I so feel like kicking their asses.

Hate life because it's so fucking realistic..
yeah... and stereotype too..


Alright. I'm back from tutorial.. Yup it's like 2am plus..
Tutorial ended at almost 12am.. Called KelvinJu up for late supper.
I was sooo hungry.. I skipped dinner..
Went to LaiKong Hawker Center to makan..
Was so craving for dimsum... but.. talak.. so sad..
Aiyo.. so many people at this time also... kinda happening la.. hehee..
maybe i locked myself too much at night lately d.. *sobs*

A lot of things to eat ler.. until I duno what to choose.
Don't feel like having carbs so late at night..
I ordered Chicken wings.. Yummy~~
Then I saw the HongKong Chee Cheong Fun... hehe..
1 plate too then.. all prawns..

Taste wise not bad... 2 bucks per wing. Cheaper than Klang.
but the cheongfun was horrible... *pukes*
I ate only half the plate and all the prawns... ahhaha..
Full now. Feeling like sleeping.. *yawns stretches*
but must stay up at least another half hour to at least digest a bit first before hibernating...


Was at JayaJusco, Bukit Tinggi with Yvonne yesterday...
Not to shop but to pick my sister up..
She was still in the KTV, so me n Yvonne walked around... window-shopping for awhile..
Went into MNG.. love the new season collection...
All purple, grey and white... Lurveee purple.... Mysterious... woooO~ hehe..

The pix angles were horrible right?? Tsk tsk..
The right pix, my head was like so alienated big.. Duno what happen to me.. Sigh..
The dressing room was sooo small.. Klang hor.. sometimes just so disappointing..

I like these both. But they were like so expensive..
Kinda not worth it..
The purple dress was almost 300bucks..
I'm quite PK lately.. Haven buy my new desired phone also...
Sigh... Nevermind first la.. I still got dresses to wear.. I think...

Oh yea.. that's my newly-cropped hair..
Nothing much.. just trimmed it.. Thinking of hair dye..
But what color? Hmmm....

When my brother saw me first time after I trimmed my hair, he sarcastically shrieked,
"Wahhh.. like a small girl only.. so childish look!! I call you meimei ok?"

Damn kids. Argh.

p/s: Working in a few hours.. and clubbing in another few more hours..
Can't wait.. gonna party till I burst.. I need it.. desperately... *mwahs*


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