Saturday, September 06, 2008


A year ago... *click*

Time flies, huh?? I'm like 24 now...
Another blink of eye, I'm like 42.. *ouch*


Went celebrating with friends last night.
They organized a casual dinner get-together at Rakuzen, Subang.
Thanks to YvonneMushroom for organizing. *mwah*

Attendance list :
Girls - Birthday girl, Yvonne, Bernadine, Sharon, FeeFee, HuayPin and FeiLing
Guys - JunWei, Alan, ChowLiang, KokHau

I was surprised to see Sharon, FeeFee, FeiLing and ChowLiang
Din expect them to come since Sharon was hardly here...
and the other 2 seldom joined us for our weekly dinners.. HMm.. i'm touched~
Bernadine this LAObeh.. bluffed me.. ARGH!~

We ordered tons of food,
but I was so distracted with our nonsense and conversations..
that I forgotten to snap some pix.. heheh..

We talked talked talked..
Teased teased teased... Joked joked joked..
Eat eat eat... Laughed laughed laughed..
So fast blow candles d.. Hahhaha...

Make a wish...
I wished for... and... erm... well.. that's it..

Thanks to JunWei for this candid pix. Arghh
No idea what I was doing.. or why my reaction was this...
So.. hmm.. maybe I was wishing too hard???

Secret Recipe's Raspberry Cheese Cake. Yumm~

Sharon was caught unprepared...
Hair commercial look-a-like?? Teeheehee~

Ahhh.. perfecto~ Eh Huaypin leh?? Rushed to the airport d..
Holiday-ing in Hokkaido, Japan.. SOoo songg....

Sandwiched by JunWei and Alan. Hahaha...
Thinking back.. it was sooo funny...

We only finished like quarter the cake. Too full d.
It was a happy night with great friends.
Thanks guys!!! For a wonderful night. *hugs and kisses*


Reached home.
What a pleasant surprise.. mom bought me Fruity's chocolate peanut butter cake..
So I had 2 cakes yesterday. *glee*
hmm.... i made another wish again....
Different cake, different wish rite? hahahah
Well, hope it will come true. *fingers crossed*

Me and my goofy brother.
Naughty little boy.. full of tricks and mischief up his sleeve.
Tak boleh tahan him sometimes..
After I blew the candles, he boastfully said, "I paid 10 bucks for ur cake.. so no present!!"

*rolled eyes*

Hahaha... my sis gave me a bday card which she wrote baaaddd things inside.
Hmmmm... Her wish for me.. Get a boyfriend quick!!
Sigh.. what is this with getting a boyfriend quick...
She was not the first who told me this yesterday.
Am I really OLD that I need a bf asap?? *frowns*

Alright peeps.
Thanks to all of you who made last night a great birthday night-out for me..
Thanks to all wishes and hugs and long-distance calls..
Thanks to everybody again.. *hugs*

gosh.. i'm like so sappy.. hehehhee..

oops.. I bought a present for myself.
Hmm they don't look this blue in real... kinda a bit greeny blue.
Love it. Happy Birthday to me again.

p/s: Coincidently the first pix has similarity with last year's birthday. *click*

love you all.


pink_angel said...

Michy dear....don't eat too much chicken!! Hahahahahahahaha

backstreetgluttons said...

what a nice get together on a sentimental night ,
boy still waiting ah ?

happy be-belated birthday
( why v dunno one ?)

Michelle said...

pink: i'm gonna wack ur pink ass when i saw you... GRRRrr.. hehehe

bsg: boy still waiting? hmm...
thanks for the wish... where's my present? hehe