Monday, September 22, 2008

i flowed "juices" out my nose..

Few weeks ago, I was at Subang Parade, meeting up Kwangli..
to collect the cute pigs before Mid Autumn Festival...
We sat and chit-chat.. sambil makan-makan sikit at Dessert's Bar.
There were always people in the outlet at Plaza Damas, Hartamas..
but here.. like only a table or two.. Hmm...
I like their color scheme... blood red... sexyy.. hahahaha

Anyway.. Kwangli ordered Frozen Flips..
Pancakes with a scoop of "your-choice" of ice-cream.
Pretty sight but pretty normal taste..
According to her... Haagen Daz's RumRaisin version was better...

Mine was Raspberry and Lemon Sorbet.
Not bad la.. Raspberry sorbet was way too sweet for my liking..
and the presentation was ... ugly lor..
I had sorbet before.. but never one like this.. ugly-ly scooped..
I din post up another raspberry view of this sorbet cos it was a bit disgusting..
ahhahaa.. looked like.. nvm.. hahahha
Just I wasn't satisfied with this food presentation lar...


I am sick.
I slept like 11.45pm last night..
which was the earliest night ever since months...
I was surprised myself.. hahaha..
Bad flu.. bad headache.. slight fever..

My mom was like... "Ikan bakar lagi lar....!!!"

Hehe.. Guess all these late nights and hot weather accumulated in my body heat..
Late showers lately.. cold drinks at night.. caught in rain... caused bad waterfall flu..
And me... nagging my family to go hawker-fooding with me the night before..

I specifically wanted to eat ikan bakar..
My mom complained. "I think you're pregnant.. Always craving.. and MUST eat that type!!"
I just couldn't help it.. hahaha.. no idea why lately when I'm craving for some food..
I really really need to eat it... *frowns*
if not I'll be like missing it so much... as if i'm heartbroken or i just got dumped.. hahaha

By the way, I'm not PREGGIE lor...
No one to make me.. hehehehhe

Went Bukit Tinggi Klang.. Plenty of hawkers there..
The food was all so-so only.. so no reason to specifically shout out the name..

The ikan bakar was so-so only.. Pedas.. But I was satisfied...
'cos I got to free my desperate tastebuds on it.. hehehe..
So when you got the ikan bakar as the main cast...
well, I invited lala-chean (below) as my sidekick.. hahaha..
So therefore, I fell sick. Farks.


So... i sick lor.
Sigh.. the feeling sucks. As if a 200kg bear sat on my chest...
Hard to breathe..

I was hungry but didn't eat anything in the morning..
Was very drowsy and lethargic when I woke up..
Nothing to eat at home.. No appetite too..

Mom suggested.. Spinach soup??
I almost gagged.
Then she poured me this glass of red vegetable juice.
Forced it down my throat.

Told her I didn't want to have anything to eat.
Kena marah pulak..
Actually deep in I was craving for maggi mee..
'cos last nite i saw a packet of tomyam in the cabinet..
But i know mom will never allow a sick ass to eat maggi..

Evening I was better. Slightly.
Went out to fetch my sis from school.
Hehe.. stopped by KFC... bought mashed potato.. *evil grins*
to compensate my breakfast and lunch and maybe dinner..

Nyum.. Erm.. sick food right? Can right? ahhaha...
I never finished this large size before.. but I did today...
Split it into two meals lor.. For tea and supper..

Alright back to work.
Love y'all~

can i give up?


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

better eat you can eat tons more when you are well!

Michelle said...

u'r so right joe..
sometimes temptations just.. ARGH..