Saturday, September 27, 2008

dad is a man, mom is a woman

Dad just got back from his Johore business trip before dinner today.
He brought in this huge big plastic bag filled with "round balls" inside...
I was like.. Huh?? What's that?? Lotsa what?
(ehhh.. the plastic was thick ok.. cant see what was in it ok.. *rolled eyes*)

Anyway.. dad said.. "Your mom's favourite.."
And again... I was like.. "Duku langsat?? SO BIG? How much?"
Mom was already grinning behind me...
She has this addiction to duku langsat whenever the duku season starts..
Everytime will ask me to drop by pasar malam to get her a kilo or two..
She can finished it all by herself, peeling and eating while watching her hokkien drama dvds..

"Dukung la.. but big size ones.. Very sweet. I bought 8 kilos.. 10 bucks onlyy.."
I went.. "WHAT?!!?! so cheapp!! Don't bluff la.. Where you bought?"
Dad said, "Walao.. don't believe ar? At Muar la.. next time bring u"
Mom was like... "Dumbos.. *munching* Duku langsat la.. not dukung.."
Dad went.. "Dukung lar.. that seller said dukung.. look at the skin so thick"
Mom : Duku langsat.. *peeling and eating*
Dad : Dukung..
Mom : Duku langsat.. *still eating*
Dad : Fine.. Duku langsat then.. but the seller said Dukung..
I was like.... "Eh.. enough ok.. like kids only.. but it's darn big.. and cheapp... you should so buy like another 5 kilos.."
Mom : Yala.. so cheap... Make me happier marrr... *laughs*
Dad : Pigs. *frowns* Next time lar.. buy one lorry back ok.

So cold hor his joke. Sheesh..
Parents.. the older they get.. the more kiddish they get sometimes..

Pingpong size lor.
The duku langsat that I bought before were quite small..
and cost like 2 kilos for 10 bucks if I remembered correctly..
Sweet but when you accidentally bite on the seed.. bitter lor..
But the ones that daddy bought were not bitter wor.. very sweet.. Nice ler...
Got lagi bigger size he said.. 6 kilos for 10 bucks.. Worth it also right??

I sounded so bukit now hor..
like never see big big dukung or duku langsat before... *grins*


Mom is quite conservative at times. Traditional on certain things.
At times damn hip and happening...
at times.. walao.. bored with her historical "women" facts.. Hehehe...

Mom always nagged at me...
"You're a big girl already.. 24 liao. Can marry d.. be wife.. take care.. responsible.. must find bf.. must this.. must that.. blah blah blah blah.."

Sometimes when I told my mom I wanna go clubbing or late nights with friends or smtg..
She will start another "protective" version of her nags..
"Aiyo.. everytime come back dawn.. those places so many people.. Small kids like you guys don't go lar.. So dangerous... later kena tipu.."
But nevertheless, she still let me go "sometimes" lar.. when she's not that persistent.

Thus, I'm small girl or big girl now?? Sigh...

So one day, I told her to get me a new pillowcase.
I bought an extra pillow just for extra comfort.. *grins*
She always go pasar pagi with dad in the morning..
for breakfast and meet up with their friends..
Well, being the lazy me, I just asked her to get any nice single colour ones from pasar..
She said okay... she need to get a few cases too as the inner layer of the pillowcase..
I said fine.. Single colour k.. or nothing too fancy or patterny...

She came back.. and told me like excitedly..
"Hey I bought this.. *shows me Mr. Incredible and family pillowcase* for ur brother.."
I said.. "Hmm.. cute.. Where's mine mom??"
She passed me mine and I almost fainted... Duno to laugh or stone?
She lagi dare to ask me... so innocent look and all..
"Like it? Nice rightt?? Couldn't find anything more girly.. So I got you this.."






Thanks mom.
Disney's princesses.. Very girly indeed..

"And I know you like purple.." she added... "So do you like it?"

Oh gee... thanks mom.. big time. I'm speechless.
I'm hugging it right now..
I showed Berny and Yvonne on msn webcam..
Thanks for your bulging eyes and laughing out loud.

So mom.. how old am I exactly? I'm confused.



Mitslanc Louis said...

Thanks for being d 1st person to ever leave me a comment in my blog. I'll go n see that girl as well as find my ex n sort things out. Bout ur part, i think wat ur mum means is ur 24 oledi so, u're a big girl.. But nevertheless, u're her daughter so, she'll be owez worrying about u n tat makes u a small girl liao lo.. Let me know when u'll get a bf o may b lao gong ya.. Ha ha..

backstreetgluttons said...

your time will come...soon
even for a sentimental gal like you

small duku also we like

Michelle said...

louis: hmmm why let u know when i got bf or lao gong? hahaa.. kepo~!

bsg: hmm.. my time will come? alright.. let's wait together..

i will get u duku-s no matter they'r big or small k.. hehe