Monday, September 29, 2008

another boy went 24th the korean style

We celebrated JunWei's belated birthday at Daorae Korean BBQ, Sri Hartamas.
A quick run of pix.. Got the whole album in my facebook. *grins*
Can't believe I'm friends with him for almost 17 years.. since elementary.. omiggoshh..

(way above) Yvonne stares, "Can you like quickly snap so I can start eating?"
(above) Alan always posed this way whenever we're here... Just being silly..
In a way to de-stress after a whole day of harsh working in the broker office.. ahhaha
(below) JunWei the bday boy and Alan discussing bout god-knows-what.. *laughs*
(way below) HuayPin and the Emo queen... *points to myself*

The food.. yummy.. we ordered 4 sets of BBQ..
I din't snapped it all 'cos I was too carried away with the conversation and food..
And trying hard to forget my horrible crit and HOD's words in the morning.. *sobs*

BBQ pork ribs.. not bad not bad.. we ordered.. another 2 pork and 1 chicken bbq set..
Egg Omelette Pancake.. i like this a lot. Will order their Kimchi Pancake the next time..
Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup.. I love ordering this.. good for health and super yummy..
*gulps* i forgotten to snap our cold Kimchi noodles. Hehe.

HuayPin just got back from Hokkaido, Japan last week.
She brought back some Japanese candies and tidbits for us..

Some rice biscuits in adorable human-figure wrappers..
We arranged 7 of them together.. tagging our names in facebook.. Hehehe..

Looks like tissue paper packet rite?
Milk cookies to be exact.. Very nice smell indeed.. Sweet..

I love this the most.. Not sure what it is.. but once u bit on it..
it sure tasted and felt like marshmallow.. very nice.. great for dessert..
And many more... strawberries coated in white chocolate... candies.. crackers..

Blow the candles time!!
He was pretty surprised when he saw the cake.
He din't know we were celebrating his belated with him..
Tat dumb dumb waiter just brought in the cake in the box without lighting it first..
Sigh.. so the birthday boy had to light the candles himself.. Hehe..

Yvonne booked yam cake.. which was his favourite last time..
But that bakery forgotten our order (yam cake was their specialty) which was quite a turn-off..
So at the nick of time, I chose the Black sesame + hazelnut cake..
Can't remember the full name.. but it was nice.. light and special..

This bakery has really good "commercial" cake.
Can try them actually... RT Pastry at Subang ss15.
Few shops next to Public Bank.. opposite the highway to Sunway.
Their breads, pastries, buns, cakes and cookies very very tempting... and nice..
Worth the price.. I bought their green tea light cake and pandan layer cake..
Mom loves them..

Anyway back to the story, the cake was pretty ok.
Everyone was ok with it... just that this silly dude.. hahaha
Caught candid... No idea what KokHau was doing when Alan snapped this...
Like as if the cake has some cili padi on it or something.. hehhehe

(clockwise starting from the bday boy)
JunWei, Alan, Yvonne, Bernadine, Me, HuayPin & KokHau

Stupid camera man and that stupid spoon (held by JunWei)
No idea what the hell they did and laughed their ass off until we got our hands on the camera..

Walao.. damn like it's slapped right at my face lor!!!!

Finally let them taste their own medicine.... which they were pretty happy doing it...
we quite childish hor... or should i say just the guys?? lol.
Just trying not to remember admit our age kua.. ahhaha

Erm... inspired by his idol outside our room?

Hehehe.. End of story.
It was a great night with great companions.
We're all high school friends.. except Berny, whom I know in college..
But we're just a great bunch of people to hang out with.. No joke.
Love them all. Friends like them are SO to treasure. Sigh. I feel so blessed.

ahhh... warmth all over....

Anyway.. will be my last FUN post until the 15th October.
Finals will end then.
Don't think will blog that much..
unless i itchy hand or itchy brain, trying to snake lor...
Will be very very busy and very very frustrated.
Stress already built up since weeks ago. Sigh.

Pray for me, will ya?

p/s: I changed my sidebar song again.. Hehehe.. Latest favourite.
Thanks to VictorTheHighTower. Song "Come Back to Me Now" by Akon.
I love it till the last words of it..

hate now


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha you had lots of good food too!!

backstreetgluttons said...

nice n cozy , especially with the steel plate in between !

Korean food we have lotsa memories

one day we shall share

Michelle said...

joe: urs better.. hahahah total breathless.. mine still can breathe.. lol..

bsg: yes i'm waiting for your one day.. =)