Saturday, October 04, 2008

I'm a "star" with no "bucks"...

Very stress indeed.
Shucks.... 2AM d... Kanasai-nyaa.....

When I walked in Starbucks at Centro, Klang..
I love Centro's Starbucks.. very quiet, peaceful and good looking polite people..
Today. they greeted me with "Welcome back.."
Oh gosh.. I must have been there more than I thought..
Which was true in a way that I've been there a lot lately..
Arghh~ I brought my laptop there... books.. sketches.. and worked few hours there a day..
I can't do work at home cos there are too many distractions..
Trust me.. there ARE distractions.. and they are not my bed, not my tv.. but.. people...
Ok. I'm not gonna start that.

Cut things short.. cos I have to rush back to my craps works..
I love Starbucks.. I really love themm... No GloriaJeans, or CoffeeBean.. or SansFran..
if not I wont be there like DAILY except weekends.. *grins*
But no idea why my face look soooo "troubled"...
Stress leh.. sigh.. S-T-R-E-S-S!!

Saw that? HAhahhaa..
Stress till PEI... *sulks*


i start to smell freedom.... but i scared


k.t.x said...

we must b so different....i anti starbucks and i hate it even more to work in public.......for that matter! lol.

Michelle said...

haha.. opposites attract.. *winks* hahhaha