Wednesday, October 29, 2008

as design "finals" by - part 2 -

My so-called brunch.
So appetizing hor?!
Who say college days fun?!?!? Who? Who??! Whoo??!


For Part 1, click *here*
The chairs where our panels are seated every single time...
Scary chairs.. scary people.. scary feeling... MERCILESS!!!

Okay lar.. you see for yourself lerr.. teeheehee~
Lazy nak cakap.. Duno what to say also anyway.. hehehe
Most of the hard works are by my super-hardworking juniors..
The taste of sweat, tears and blooooddddd~~~....

Alrights.. Night peeps..
Long long long days to come..

I want to cryyyyy... but no tears willing to spill out.
Sleep lar then.... *yawns*

stupid fucking weather

1 comment:

k.t.x said...

emmm, a lot of investment into these models huh? lol. nice elevations. which is your btw? way to go yeah!
(i nearly join a crit panel for, but i didnot)