Friday, October 17, 2008

to those "meatless" fan

This was 2 weeks ago.

One fine night when I was like busy preparing for my finals..
My mom popped her head into my room and giddily like.. "Hey, follow us out for a drive.."
I was like.. "Want meh??? Work can't finish la.... Where to go?"
My mom acted puzzled, "Work forever tak habis 1.. You'll die before you grad.. Quick.. get change and follow us out.. and I mean NOW!!"

Dreadfully, I followed them out.. pulling a long face...
"Get a break okay.." dad patted on my shoulder. I grimaced but nodded.
They were super hyper active in the car.. dad, mom, sis n bro talking at the same time..
then i couldn't resist and started to let go a bit.. hahhaha..

Alright... anyway the "break" my parents meant was..
to the temple nearby for Nine Emperor God celebration.. 九王爷
Located next to the Teluk Pulai KTM station... around the BahKutTeh shops area..

I never been to Ampang's..
but I heard that the one is Ampang is really... BIG... *click*
Hmm... okay back to that night...

Seriously... people mountain people sea..
That night we reached around 9pm..
the following night was around 11pm to pray..
Still so many people..
Kids.. family.. youngsters... perempuan.. lelaki.. old folks.. tons!!
So noisy and everyone in such a celebration mode.. hhaha..

Then I realised, we were there that night was because...
my siblings wanna see HAU that Project Superstar runner-up this year... (pix above)
The temple people invited him over to present a few songs...
I was surprised at first... like why would a Superstar show up in this kind of environment..

Normally the temple would like.. just get some hokkien getai.. opera.. (pix below)
those lala-muis to shake their booty onstage to start the night show...
but this time... guess they "up-a-class-a-bit".. *laughs*
there WERE a lot of young girls n dudes over there waiting for him...
ONE thing about the crowd was that.. they were all KAYU... no applause nothing...
Tsk. Just a few laughs on some cranky jokes.

When I was a kid.. I really like Malt Sugar Candy... 麦芽糖 in Chinese.. (pix above)
Cheap and holy cow sweet... A buck for 1 stick..
I don't quite fancy it now.. as I think it's way way way too sweet for my liking now..
But my brother.. a 11 year old kid.. big huge fan of it..

So... sister's wish was to see HAU that night.. so we went..
And so... my parents was... to... ahahha EAT!!!
There was this small vegetarian food fair.. yummyyy~~ (pix below)
Stalls selling varieties of vegetarian food to resemble "real" non-vege food..

LOBAK vegetarian-style..
Lots of food.. all vegetarian... I couldn't believe my eyes.. hahaha
Normally when I go to some vegan restaurant.. I don't get to see all the food at once..
All on menu and food list.. but then.. I managed to see most of it all lying on the table..
Wahaha.. so kancheong... and was very bising, kept kacau-ing the taukeh-soh..
what's this? what's that? made of what what what? how?? hahaha

"chicken" drumstick.. "chicken" sate.. "pork" sate..

Crispy "prawn" fritters.. "pork" sausages..
Hmmm.... Looks a bit dark hor~

Yam lobak roll, Seaweed "fish" roll..
The aunty lagi said.. that "fish" is ikan parang k.. very nice 1!~~

Fried radish cake and fried tofu square

The far on the right was the "prawn" rolls...
And other "meat" rolls and cocktails..

Fried Seaweed "Normal Fish" ..
Fried "Pork" and CharSiew..
and many many more other choices..

And and... *excites*

Above was what mom bought and my Soya Cincau drink for a buck only!!! refreshing~ hehe..
There were few more other vegan stalls...
Like Hokkien Mee Mihun Kuey Teow stalls, Yao Char Kuay, drinks, desserts..
Well well.. other than food.. there were stalls selling flowers, plants..
Giving off free vcd and booklets on prayers, god-themed movies, ribbons, strings.. etc..

A nice walk back to the car..
It was pretty breezy that night..

Yay!! Balik makan lobak the vegan style!!~~

More "previous-happening" post coming up~
Wait ya~...


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