Saturday, October 25, 2008

mirrors are LIARS

It's all me, me.. me me me me me MEEEEEE... *wails*
*pukes* What a sight of me, right?? HAhahaaa
It's either you like this post.. or you possibly hate it.. and never return... *yikes*
No ler.. I'm just fooling around..
For me.. I somehow like a bit.. n dislike a bit.. *grins*

These was taken a few weeks before... back before my finals..
Like I repeatedly said... "Stress sucks... makes me do crazy stuff.."
And when a camwhore gets crazyyy in a public place.. (psstt.. starbucks..)
camwhore like me.. will start whoring away easily using the webcam... hehehe.

Set 1 - Hey... looks fun...!!! *eyes widen*

Set 2 - "Getting excited.."

Set 3 - Last one.. I promised myself.. =P
No more other expression d. *ggulps*


This was yesterday.
Was invited for lunch at Plaza Damas with everyone in office due to Boss Alan's bday.
Then was walking around, hoping to find a nice dress to buy for this "upcoming event"..
Went in to OWL, my favourite boutique in Hartamas Shopping Center.
Tried on a couple of dresses.. and then walked out without buying..
Simply 'cos I couldn't make out my mind which to buy.. and some were pretty costly..
and there was some little details that didn't quite please me at all...

This dress... sigh.. more like that kind of dress to meet your future-in-laws..
those typical cardigan-kuai-kuai kind of girl... sooo not my style... hahahaha
I like the needlework and the prints.. but i feel.. Sigh.. really not me..

Then (going down)... Eventhough it felt great on skin.. holy-soft fabric!!..
but super super nightie look... and like.. AUNTY's NIGHTIE.. *sobs*
And this piece was super EX okay..

Next.. nice wide sleeves kimono top.. but fabric slightly pricky.. hehehhe..
I forgot my tube.. so it exposed my *toot*.. so DUH.. censored la..
if not, later some ppl will popek-popek again..

I like these two... far the most..
Sorry face look like shit there.. must *censored* it also.. Totally unacceptable..
The white dress was really really reallly nice to slip on...
Couldn't stop soothing it.. comfy comfy.. but hor..
it was slightly tight over (there).. there la... can so see from the pix rite??

The grey one.. love at first sight.. and one worry at the first sight..
I showed the pix to Tess, and my first question to her was,
"Eh.. Look like kuih lapis a not?"

I think I will go back next week to get one of these two..
But which???

p/s: Mirrors are LIARS.. especially those in boutiques...
They intend to make you look slimmer.. Ughh!!

p/p/s: Camera angles are important... if not you'll get a distorted head-size...
Ughh!! Double the UggHH!!..

no money to buy.. sob sob sob...


Teng WAi ~ said...

HEY how come censored the most interesting part !!!???! '

so disappointed la !!!

Michelle said...

wahhh disappointed hor!!
hahaa big boy d hor Ah Teng..
u follow Tung too much d.. hahahahha

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

disappointed -_-

disappointed -_-

disappointed -_-

pink_angel said...

NICE dresses!! I need shopping!! haha