Thursday, October 09, 2008

celebrating my "sulking" day~

I am tired.
Very tired. Mentally, physically and spiritually.
Getting tired of facing this piece of metal every hour of the day.
Bad sleeping hours from 6am to 11am everyday.
Never-ending work.

I really kinda feeling very fed-up bout it..
Today is one of those days that I went very temperamental.. (to myself, btw)
I got so restless and stuck-in the "give-up" mode.

Suddenly I started complaining bout everything...
Everything that I have been working hard on the last few months..
suddenly everything just don't seem right..
suddenly all the flaws just bloody appeared in front of me..
suddenly everything was neither here nor there..
oh-f&rk-me... is this fear arising?

My best friend is Sarah McLachlan with her "Angel". *click*
Every night she will sing to me, washing out my "heavy" feel.
I'll be calling Martina McBride tonight to be here for me with her "Concrete Angel". *click*

No. I'm not having my period.

I can't wait for all these to be over.
I'm taking a short nap now. Hope to feel better when I wake up later.
*takes a deep breath* I really need to boost up.

Love Michelle More

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