Wednesday, October 22, 2008


No time to blog today.
So see my camwhore face la.. ahaha..
Like sibeh hiao rite??? AHHAhahaha...

Gotta rush back to my never-ending works..
Tomorrow got short casual review.. Arghhh.. Hate it.
Damn.. seems like I never liked anything lately horrr!!???

btw, I went Ikea with LayFong this morning..
And all I bought was this red wastepaper basket. =P
Red Rulesss!! Yup. I wore Red today too... coincidence huh??? =P kuku d.
Ooooo and currypuffs... *grins*

Nights. *slaps a silly mosquito off my face*
btw again... XOXO everyonee.... ~~~



Tess Soh said...

i have the SAME + RED wastepaper basket

Michelle said...

HAahha... really?
guess a lot of ppl have that too....... my CUTE fren has the PINK one... UGH!! LOL

pink_angel said...

I have the pink one too!! HHAHAHA