Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"wasting" my hair

Okays.. I've updated my last weekend post.
Just scroll down the page... *grins*


I went and cropped my hair again yesterday. Just cropped it exactly a month ago.
yes.. my hair was short.. but I don't wan the ends of my back hair touching my shoulder.
I'm one lazy ass who hates to wake up every morning and fix my hair for an hour plus..
So I need some..ermm.. style.. hehe.. that I can wake up the nex day still looking presentable.
HAHHAA.. *blek*

Anyway.. Francis wasn't in.. so Roger did my hair instead.
He was so funny.. chatted on some really silly topics.. that I'm so not gonna reveal here..
only.. ahem.. some "people" knew.. *dissolves in giddy laughter*

Below pics??
Just for FUN.. heheheheh

Oh Gawd... Look at the eyes and bags..
This is the damn result of not-enough-sleep!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

my good "gila" friend got older

the craziest siao char boh!!!
i'll crack my head to crap bout u tmr.. so i will be updating this post..
hehehe you wait.. siao po!!

finally she go chopped her hair off.. that super long heavy sexy curls..
dunno hav to NAG her for how many months days to go butcher her hair..
finally when she did.. she said.. "my birthday gift from myself"

Sunday, October 28, 2007

MCA "story-telling" Concert

Went to the 50th Merdeka Anniversary Culture and Arts Performance by MCA.
HuayPin was involved in the choir by her association Soka Gakkai (SGM).
HuayPin gave him two VIP tickets...
So my task was to teman KokHau there..

Show started at 6.30pm.
We arrived around 8 pm, minutes before Dato' Seri Ong Ka Ting and party arrived.
Was not bad at first.. staring at some doofus's asses 'cos they couldn't just sit and watch..
they must stand on the chairs.. yes.. adults.. watching the pro lion dance performance..
like as if they were the lions jumping from one pole to the other.. *rolled eyes*

Soon.. within minutes.. it started to drizzle. We shifted to the back of the stadium.
Konon we got the perfect place.. the VVIP and VIP seats.. *weeee*
BUT we were in the middle of the field where we were about to get drowned in the stupid rain.
It got heavier and heavier.. ARgh. We shifted our seat for several times man..
From the middle to the end to the side. So din't really enjoy the whole show.. -_-
Gosh.. Some still sitting there in raincoats.. under their umbrellas..
ya.. the VVIP were all under the rain.. all the VVIPs..
look "superly" macho in the transparent yellow raincoats.

Look at the glittery floor. The tracks and the field were covered with plywoods.
Wet wet wet.

(above) Hahha.. somehow this reminds me of the Digi Yellow Man.
(below) HuayPin and her choir members..

Michael Wong @ Kuang Liang.. is sadly.. short..
Erra Fazeera taller than him.. hahaha
(below) it was still raining.. and when Michael walked out..
these bunch of "mushrooms" suddenly grew beside both sides of the stage.
at first they were standing by the side.. 'cos hiding from the rain..
Mana tau when Michael started to duet wit Era.. they just flew out and started screamingggg.

KokHau's macho jawline. HAHA..
Lastly.. main-main saje.. my flip-flops.
Conceptual.. O_0 *laughs out loud*

For the concert's vid.. click *here*

Saturday, October 27, 2007

another uncle is born



We celebrated his birthday lunch at Gardens, MidValley City.
Wondering what to eat there?? The birthday boy wanted Asian Food.
Hahaha.. Fine then..

Was browsing thru the net.. and found this restaurant "Ding Tai Fung" food reviews..
From food bloggers...
- Joe's Lotsa Craving *click*
- WMW's You Get What You Give *click*
- Precious Pea's *click*

So who went?
Tung (duh), Chloe, Daryle, Michelle, ZiuHong and Victor.
TengWai FFk.. Phoenix in Thailand.. Kelvin kena accident tat morning.

Victor was late as usual.
He didn't know what was GARDENS?
He called when he was at MidValley..
We told him to cross the road to get to Gardens from the Starbucks entrance..

Walking towards Gardens.. under the white canopy.. he called..
- Eh michelle.. where is garden?? I walking in the white "tunnel"...
Tunnel??? What?? Just cross the road then reach Gardens d..
- Ok ok.. I'm standing at the entrance now.. so where is Garden??
Err.. hello.. You're IN Gardens d larrr...
- Huh??? Where got? Don't cheat me lar.. where got garden here?? Where is the park?
OMFG.. you really doofus.


We weren't really hungry.. so we just ordered some not-so-filling dishes.
Their oh-so-famous- chef-recommendation original xiu long bao (all pork)
Good.. I like it more than Dragon I's.. seriously..

(above) I really like this shrimp + pork dumplings..
Mayb cos i like prawns.. hehehe..
(below) Tung ordered drunken chicken.. Not bad.. the smell was really strong,,
and Miss Daryle thought it was vinegar.. *slaps forehead*

Birthday cake. A simple one. Daryle chose it.
Easy cake.. Fluffy cream.. sweet fruits.. vanilla chiffon cake..

Making what wish ar???? Hmmm.. drop more kilos?
Din't see him 2 months.. he dropped 5 kilos d.. by dieting and swimming.. WOW
My slice of cake.. hehehhee..

After lunch, we went walking around Gardens..
*whispers* (actually looking for washroom la..)
Not a bad view though.. Kinda of prefer here more than the new Pyramid 2

Garden's reception.

(above) Projector screens.
(below) Right wing void. Nice take.. I like.

Finally WASHROOMS!!!
ahhahahaha.. pee pee time..

Okay.. that was about how I spent my whole afternoon till around 5pm plus.


Was tired.
Was long day.
Was screwed suddenly.
Some plans backfired.
Kinda pissed-off.
Kinda lazy.
Really broke.


Night peeps....

Thursday, October 25, 2007

O.. shine my sun... O do shine pleaseee..

Came across this pic online in this webpage entitle "When Logos Go Bad"
It WAS the logo for Institute of Oriental Studies at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil.
Totally "unpresentably" creative right??

I mean.. to me.. it's .. err.. what the heck is the designer thinking...
*ahem* and why the hell did the client go approve it in the first place??!?! Over-look?
I mean... again.. They ACTUALLY put it up for public view on websites and all.. THEN they caught on and took it down.
WTF???? *scratches head till bleeds*

In nice words..
"The logo of the Brazilian Institute of Oriental Studies, is a stylized pagoda silhouetted against the setting sun. The logo intends to make the Institute seem an inviting, happy and peaceful place..............."

In NOT so nice words.. "It looks like a stucked-up ass. Nice feel."

Well, putting it up online was a foolish no-brain-brain thing to do. Guess they didn't realize it. But after proliferating it across the Net and winning awards, their website just went offline.. forever..

Sigh. I still don't get it. It.. really looks like.. an... anal attack.. *chuckles*
It makes me.. feel like... HMmmmmmm..... *wonders*

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

good buy.. ya think'so?

Had dinner at pyramid just now with LayFong.
BBQ Plaza. Her choice. Why?
'cos she damn love the cabbage soup and... that bbq sauce gaul with chili padi + limau + garlic
She asked that waiter to refill her sauce altogether with chilies for blooody 3 times when I couldn't even finish one.
Slurped that whole sauce faster than she finished her iced thai tea.

Hmm.. been more than a month since I last visited.
The last time was on my birthday with the big gang.
(missing those many many people hang-out time.. now it's back to work punya work.. study punya study.. balik UK punya balik.. interview punya interview.. travel punya travel. HAIH. SIEN.) *sobs*

After dinner, jalan-jalan at pyramid 2.. ntg much yet.. still too new.
Funny ler.. they sorta got sales now.. hmm.. thought just over..
I bought some stuff from Miss Selfridge.

GOOD BUY MAN!!! (that's why I bought larrr.. duh)

1 bikini top + 1 bikini undie = 9 bucks each ONLY.
mwhahahahha... it was cheap.. pattern mar liddat lor.. but i still "song".. hehe *dances around*

the earrings.. = 29 bucks mannn... BUT.. 70% discount
mwhahahhaha.. *giddy gidddyy*

how much altogether?? count yourself la.. -_-
din't learn math ar? tsk.

*headache lar now* ZZZZzzzzzz..
Tomorrow service my car lagi. Boooring.

oh ya!!!

Ommigosh.. we've been friends for 19 years!! lol..
I've been looking at that baby face (left) since kindergarten till now.. (right)
All the best.. and take care of Wendy ya.. hhehehe..

I smsed him today.. to wish him..
but he bloody KNN me.. 'cos i called him donkey..
hHAHAHhahha. nabeh that arsehole.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

my emo blog-head

My new banner.. *grinz*
If I get new ideas.. i will design a new one.. from time to time.. =P

I "forced" Yvonne to check out my new template..
and she "forced" me to check out this site *here*
so I know what to get her for her upcoming birthday..
Bloody adorable and CUTE.. but sibeh expensive also..
I rather buy her a REAL CAT... *evil grin*
(because i want the phone for myself.. *mwahahahah*)

All she commented was.. "Eh.. your banner phrase damn suit u.. emo.."


Stupid Hello-MIAOMIAO fan.

Monday, October 22, 2007

byebye old skin~~

I'm changing template!!!
but haven't really get everything all up yet..
still exploring it here and there..
I mean.. yeah.. I know I'm quite a doofus in this..
but at least i'm TRYING!!! *stucks out tongue*


Gotta miss you too~~ *sobs*

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Crap World

Been busy lately with my thesis.
Well, shit happens and i ain't liking it.
Different brain caused different actions caused stupid chaos unnecessarily occur
But if God were to create everyone with the same brain..
then why the hell we are here for..
one thinking.. all the same.. might as well don't create any human at all right?
No humans, No hard feelings, No backstabbings, No promises to be broken, No fake faces etc..

Huh? No happiness?
So now i'm a human.. am i happy?

Ignore me. I'm nonsense today.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

visit ah-mah today

Yawnn.. Very tired.
Slept at 4am last night.. dad woke me up at 8am to get ready balik kampong.
Only 4 hours of sleep.. WHERE GOT ENOUGH???

Reached gram's house just on time for lunch.
Makan makan makan. Talk talk talk.
Laugh laugh laugh. Play play play.
So many people today. All cabut back from KL.
Plenty of kids also. Let's see.. uhh.. I think.. around 12 kids running around..
Age from baby to 5 years old... excluding my siblings..
so you can imagine the NOISE of kids yelling, crying.. screechingg...
Adults lagi banyak.. 20+ people..
To describe the atmosphere.. one word..

(above) The Balcony.
I used to run so many times around with other cousins..
If naughty.. uncles threaten to throw us down. Damn. -_-
(below) Cousins and friends playing mahjong.
The guy in black is my cousin bro that I haven't seen for 2 years.
I think he's HOT.. but everyone thinks he's FAT already.. hahaha..
Did all the sign papers d and getting married next year. That girl is his fiancée.
(way below) Cousins' wedding photographs.
Two left - The eldest cousin brother.
Two right - 2 cousin sisters who are sisters.. hehe.

(above) Dad, Mom, Grams, Mom's eldest sister, Mom's sister's husband
My aunty and uncle lar.. Duh -_-
Only grandmother left. Others all 6 feet underground "hibernating" d. *missing them*
(below clockwise) Moi-who-just-woke-up, my-royal- highness-mother, Grams, daddy, little-eunuch-brother, maniac-sister-who-just-escape-from-the-asylum. *grins*
I LOVE THEM ALL LAR!!!! *serious face*

Okay... though it was horribly noisy.. I.. erm..
I really slept through the whole afternoon after lunch conversation in my cousin's room.
Really konked out. When I woke up, sudah nak balik. Hahaha..
Nevertheless, still a good day to catch up with all of them.

On the way back.. we passed by several paddy-fields.
Brother wanna check it out.. so we stopped by and I snapped a few pics lor.
Nice nice.. the feeling.. very calm.. cos all you see is just a bloody huge piece of green.
Serenity.. love it..
Sister said.. "Stay here forever lar.."
My reply was.. "I love it here but I love city life more.. so.. narhhh.."

Brother kacau with dad's new phone. So the pictures were a bit blurred..
Due to his bloody shaky hands too..
So. Ok. Habis cerita of-my-one-day-"longkai" in Sekinchan.

Gonna rain d. I mean the pic above. Hahaa..
Ok. It's gonna rain here.. in my house too..
Yay.. nice night to sleep. *stretches*