Wednesday, October 24, 2007

good buy.. ya think'so?

Had dinner at pyramid just now with LayFong.
BBQ Plaza. Her choice. Why?
'cos she damn love the cabbage soup and... that bbq sauce gaul with chili padi + limau + garlic
She asked that waiter to refill her sauce altogether with chilies for blooody 3 times when I couldn't even finish one.
Slurped that whole sauce faster than she finished her iced thai tea.

Hmm.. been more than a month since I last visited.
The last time was on my birthday with the big gang.
(missing those many many people hang-out time.. now it's back to work punya work.. study punya study.. balik UK punya balik.. interview punya interview.. travel punya travel. HAIH. SIEN.) *sobs*

After dinner, jalan-jalan at pyramid 2.. ntg much yet.. still too new.
Funny ler.. they sorta got sales now.. hmm.. thought just over..
I bought some stuff from Miss Selfridge.

GOOD BUY MAN!!! (that's why I bought larrr.. duh)

1 bikini top + 1 bikini undie = 9 bucks each ONLY.
mwhahahahha... it was cheap.. pattern mar liddat lor.. but i still "song".. hehe *dances around*

the earrings.. = 29 bucks mannn... BUT.. 70% discount
mwhahahhaha.. *giddy gidddyy*

how much altogether?? count yourself la.. -_-
din't learn math ar? tsk.

*headache lar now* ZZZZzzzzzz..
Tomorrow service my car lagi. Boooring.

oh ya!!!

Ommigosh.. we've been friends for 19 years!! lol..
I've been looking at that baby face (left) since kindergarten till now.. (right)
All the best.. and take care of Wendy ya.. hhehehe..

I smsed him today.. to wish him..
but he bloody KNN me.. 'cos i called him donkey..
hHAHAHhahha. nabeh that arsehole.


Anonymous said...

ei .. soo the banner girl is you anot ?
(yes) or (no)

everyone welcome to vote .
winner get a kiss from the owner of this blog.

hee.. anyway .. nice blog.


Michelle said...

very funny juju-boy.
i pass u the kissing job ok since u want to KISS so much..
hahaha ARSE.