Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"wasting" my hair

Okays.. I've updated my last weekend post.
Just scroll down the page... *grins*


I went and cropped my hair again yesterday. Just cropped it exactly a month ago.
yes.. my hair was short.. but I don't wan the ends of my back hair touching my shoulder.
I'm one lazy ass who hates to wake up every morning and fix my hair for an hour plus..
So I need some..ermm.. style.. hehe.. that I can wake up the nex day still looking presentable.
HAHHAA.. *blek*

Anyway.. Francis wasn't in.. so Roger did my hair instead.
He was so funny.. chatted on some really silly topics.. that I'm so not gonna reveal here..
only.. ahem.. some "people" knew.. *dissolves in giddy laughter*

Below pics??
Just for FUN.. heheheheh

Oh Gawd... Look at the eyes and bags..
This is the damn result of not-enough-sleep!!!


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

talkin abt emo..i hav been very emo on my blog recently..hmm dunno why

Michelle said...

aiks.. hmmm.. i like ur blog and ur food reviews.. emo feeling will go away.. i hope :)