Thursday, November 01, 2007

black dress?? aye?

Brought my sis to Zanmai for lunch as a birthday treat to her..
Lagi i saw her so sad+pity case waiting for me in the car in school block C entrance..
while i went and pindah my archive stuff from 4th floor to my car like SO MANY times..
Kuli like benar sial.. hahaha (stupid-sudden-thought-of phrase)

So we went pyramid n walk walk for awhile after school...
Happy like a sor poh onlyy... but we kept it a secret from "others" la..
Only between me n her...
(and since I've "declared" it here.. so SHuT UP LARR!! heheheh)

After makan.. i hopped in Miss Selfridge for a while... cos i see a sign..
"SALES!!! 30% and 50%"
I kinda like this dress.. but it's 219.. no discount.. niamahhh-ehh...
new arrival konon.. everytime when i PK horribly.. i will see things i wanna to buy..

after took off..

which way better??? with or without??


End up.. I tak beli apa-apa pun..
'cos got someone called me and JERIT.. ask me balik rumah..
DARNNN.. speaking of nosiness.. *shucks*


Ashley said...

love the dress! i like to do just the dress for work, then add the leggings for night :)
check out my Travel Blog:)

Michelle said...

my silly sis say look like funeral dress.. if i wear on a furry lacy big black hat.. hahahaha..