Friday, November 16, 2007

express-shopping today

Went Pyramid to check out their Blue Zone - Asian Avenue.
Small stores, boutiques, retails (selling-the-same -things-over-and-over-again)
Something like those in Sg. Wang.. just that it was more comfy to walk here..
and not much outlets are ready yet... and i HATE maze-like layout!!!

You know.. I couldn't quite fit in fashion as such..
It's either WAY too cute for me... or WAY tooo flowery or glittery for me..
or mayb I just had no idea how to "fashion" it..
you know.. like me a dumbass? *grins*
But anyway.. they did improve on their deco nowadays.. much more themes and concept... nice approach.. some lar.. not all ok.

Came across 2 little bloody adorable hooks. (above)
One "deek" and two "buubs".. heheh

I just can't take it. *hides at a corner and sobs*
I'm sorry okayyyy...
but I don't have a cute cute face to suit with these cute cute candydoll flirry bumpy itchy dresses... YES!! They are ITCHY inside... those itchy itchy materials that itch-ed your skin to the max inside.. *drama drama me*

But.. ooohhh.. i lurveee this pair of newly-bought heels.
They are LOW.. (ya.. i know you won't believe this.. yes i bought a LOW heel.. just an inch)
and i kinda got a feeling someone is thinking i'm influenced by her..
That she won't believe i bought these polka dots thingy.. yada yada yada~~
and guess what friend... they're from TAIWAN!! hahah taiwan brand. TANGS.
(Lagi sounded like her surname.. cehhhh) I think i missed her too much. *sobs*

I bought nothing from Asian Avenue except that pair of heels.
Then I hurried my ass over to Cats Whiskers to grab some decent working clothes..
and.. well... bought a top and pants that are not so much for working purposes... *sigh*
So.. hmm was all i bought today. Nothing much hor?

Tired. Nighty nite.


yvonne tang said...

YER YER YER....poka dot??really unbelievable man!!!but i LOVE it man!!!!

Michelle said...

hahaha u think only u can buy polka meh?? nex in my list is a pair of hot fiery red heels..

yvonne tang said...

wah ..fine,go buy if u dare to..then we wear it together!!!