Sunday, November 18, 2007

i got smoked!!!

Guess where I went today again?!?!?!
PYRAMID!!!!!!! arghh!!!~ *frowns*
but luckily was with the whole family walking around the new wing..
and I got presents!!!!! Yippie!!!! *hops around giddily*

Hehe.. ok okayy.. not all mine lar okayy.
Daddy actually bought for himself only.. but then.. heheh.. *evil winks*
we got it too lar.. me and my mom..
Daddy was sorta looking for the crystals he want for some time d..
and unexpectedly we found it here at HOJB, House of Jue-Bao..
He bought Citrine Crystals, Mom's Garnet Crystals...
(drumroll please) and mine Smoked Quartz crystals.

Well, ahemm.. accordingly to the experts' say...
Smoked Quartz crystals stabilizes, grounds, tends to make one serious,
and able to accept the challenges.. hehehehe.. suit me rightt, righttt?? *beams*

Skip skip.
Ok. I gonna make this quick. Gotta head to bed d.

Went dinner at Bukit Tinggi Klang.
Mizi Shabu-Shabu. There's one busy outlet at Puchong, if not mistaken.
Mizi is new in Klang. So not much of a crowd on a Sunday night.

Hmm.. let's see..
Tonight's dinner was still acceptable. The food is neither very good not very bad.
Not too ex also. 5 of us only billed 72++.
Still can accept. I so much prefer this than that Thai BBQ plaza.
In a way.. it's much cleaner lor which was much more appetizing in a way..
'cos we get to have our own small pot of soup to shabu ourselves.. ehehe...
the sauce is great though.. one portion ain't enough for me.. hehe..
a mixture of roast chopped nuts, sesame, spring onions, chilipadi, sweet+soysauce.. nyum!! *grins*

Quick, kan?
Ok ok.. gotta go get exhilarate on my bed d.
Tomorrow first day of work!!! Wish me luck!!
*fingers crossed*

I scared larrrrrrr........... How? *sobs*



yvonne tang said...

good luck,baby!!!!work hard yea!!!

Michelle said...

haha.. thanks ya kitty.. lol