Saturday, November 03, 2007

practically that's all i did today

- Woke up at 11.30am
- Went bah-kut-teh brunch with Alan nearby my house
- Came home supposed go uni but cancelled.
- Kena forced to clean up my room.
- Changed my bedroom layout.
- Watched TV, ate 2 curry puffs for late tea.
- Hang out, rest, showered.
- Supposed go Kepong with dad but his appointment postponed.
- Went Banting instead to visit aunt.
- Hafway JAM like hell.. u-turn back.
- Went Ah-Hock "Tua Char" for dinner.
- Met suddenly-turned-quiet-and-shy Tien Syh 'cos he was with gf
- Went Carrefour for some grocery shopping.
- Saw a damn hot guy sitting at KFC with his ug friend.
- Suffered a slight headache.
- The ventilation sucks like hell, warm white lights dimmed makes me super uncomfy
- The layout was horrible.. neither here nor there.. preferred Jusco or Giant more..
- Dirty slippery smelly toilets.
- Balik rumah after that..
- Played with my dogs
- Online and checked my mail
- Karaoke-d without mikes in the hall
- Listened to my parents' funny lame cold jokes
- Chatting with David Heng. Bombarding him made me happier.
- Working on my thesis.
- Missing someone.
- Blogging now.

Okay. Back to thesis.
Life sucks.


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