Sunday, November 25, 2007

I said we were going to kill them all.


From Jalan Meru till my house... A FUCKING 1.5 hours to reach!!!
when I normally only need less than 15 minutes.
Bloodyy ridiculous rite!!!!!...
i mean.. well.. not THAT ridiculous if it weren't for the big people to..

Give us a break man.. I mean if you wanna close the damn bridge.. put la notice sial.
No notices.. no ads.. NOTHING.. not even yesterday.
Worst still at least put la a notice around bekerley or meru.. so that drivers can think of alternatives to reach the other side of Klang.

The jam was so horrible..
5 LANES from the highway leading to the closed bridge where we have to turn in a ONE-LANE road to get to the old Klang Bridge leading to the Little India.
*slaps forehead*

The traffic police when we needed them were nowhere to be seen.. *anger rising*
Alan and I was like so cursing in the car.
Some freaks lagi got out from the car snapping pics and some were playing games on their laptop in the car while waiting. *frowns*
Klang traffic jams are getting WAY WAY terrible than the ones in KL.
Hmmph!!! Pissed!!

Oh yeah... before the jam. i went movie last night with JunWei, Alan, KokHau and HuayPin.
That siao po with her sudden-crave for watching movie. Hahaha..
We just settled at Jusco BukitRaja for a 9.20pm movie. The Kingdom.
Well, it wasn't quite my choice of movie but watching the trailer.. bombs, guns, killers.. etc.
but ManYee told me the movie was good. She gave me like.. 4 thumbs-up for it.
Trust her for once.. hehehe i chose that movie for them.

It was about a team of U.S. government agents is sent to investigate the bombing of an American facility in the Middle East.
Fair in action in the beginning, pretty slow in the middle but luckily the end was a blast.
Like really full of action, brutal, kan-cheong-ness and slightly emotional.

I like one tagline from imdb review.
"An elite FBI team sent to find a killer in Saudi Arabia. Now they have become the target."
hehehe.. I seriously don't mind watching it again.
Jamie Foxx. 1 word. YENG!!!
I like him here better than him acting in DreamGirls. Hehe.


Sibeh ssssien mannn today... tomorrow working again.
2 days "holiday" NOT ENOUGH for me lehhhhhh..
Thought of going Jusco Bukit Tinggi but... lazy.. hahaha..
So maybe next week. Yesterday baru buka.. sure people mountain people sea one...

Parents went wedding dinner. Me gonna start my work stuff.
Sigh. A lot of things to think. I'm hungry d. *growls*
Had an early dinner. 6pm.
I made Teriyaki Mushroom patty in Pita bread with lotsa veg salad.
Yummy~~.. easy dinner for the three of us. Me and my monkey siblings.

Err.. i was too hungry that I forgotten to snap the pics. *grins*
Ok. Work time.

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